The CCP dropped the facts

CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY BOSSES DISCUSS VACCINE IMPACT ON USA MILITARY FORCES SAY: “EVERYONE WHO TOOK THE VACCINE IS DEAD” They disclosed their intentions. And censored Twitter accounts that shared/exposed it. If it takes my becoming a victim soul to try to recover those who have taken the genetic mutilation shots, then it takes my becomingContinue reading “The CCP dropped the facts”

What’s the point?

Russia, you were never consecrated properly by any of the 20th and 21st Century Popes and Bishops. And look what has happened to you. They are all dividing US. With OPTICS. The world crises are ALL THEIR OWN GRAND THEATER PRODUCTION. But insofar as those crises are real… spirit of fear and all… Stop playingContinue reading “What’s the point?”

The Call To Arms So, the Great New Normal Purge has begun … right on cue, right by the numbers. As we “paranoid conspiracy theorists” have been warning would happen for the past 18 months, people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregated, stripped of their jobs, banned from attending schools, denied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted. RelentlessContinue reading “The Call To Arms”

“Synodality” and its fruits VS Our Lady – a personal testimony

Just another attempt to INFEST the Catholic Church with everything NOT CATHOLIC. That feather wand at the beginning procession? Spiritism. Completely and utterly and irreconcilably Pagan. I’ve known pagans and witches who use it in my lifetime, often in the paranormal investigation field. In this case, ultimately it amounts to invoking demons and “helping” themContinue reading ““Synodality” and its fruits VS Our Lady – a personal testimony”

National and Worldwide Exposé 101

It gets a little personal towards the bottom. But first… I’m trying to find a way to superimpose a smaller image on the video player block, but not having luck. That will probably have to wait… BOMBSHELL: Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine ‘glows,’ contains toxic luciferase, graphene oxide compounds BOMBSHELL: Pfizer whistleblower says vaccineContinue reading “National and Worldwide Exposé 101”

From Covid To Marburg

This should not be so far fetched after the past 19 months of communist oppression…see message below from a fellow patriot…_______________________ Ladies and Gents.  I’d like you to emotionally and spiritually prepare for what is about to unfold here on Earth.  The next Plandemic is going to be the Marburg virus. This is a haemorrhaging feverContinue reading “From Covid To Marburg”

Fauci Lied. People Died.

P.S. This includes all media, journalists, and religious leaders who persist in complicity to this genocide. (Excepting only the religious leaders of the Jews, Levite priests (although I wonder if in the Hebrew Scriptures that there were an instance of such treason being ordered by God to be so addressed by the Israelites – andContinue reading “Fauci Lied. People Died.”

No exemptions? An open letter to Pope Francis, the USCCB, and Bishops worldwide

Your Excellencies, Did you miss that in order for Big Pharma to get those HEK cells (human embryonic kidney), a VIABLE BABY has to be delivered by cesarean section, and then without anesthesia have their kidneys removed? Because the utility of the kidney cells require fresh and strong blood flow. Guess what else that means…Continue reading “No exemptions? An open letter to Pope Francis, the USCCB, and Bishops worldwide”


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