(Updated 10.7.21) Project Veritas vs FDA+CDC

Be Brave. Do Something.

I love whistleblowers dropping Truth-bombs. God bless this courageous woman and any others involved – in this life and in eternal life.

For Part 2: https://confirmsubscription.com/h/j/206F7438CF526768
Part 2. (It’s been censored on Twitter. I recorded and shared here.)
Names and images of comments marked out for sake of respecting privacy. But yes, I really wonder that too. How would he feel about registering homosexuals? Oh, wait, Nazi (National Socialist) Germany already did that; they had to wear pink triangles. So now we have a crisis of Global Socialists/Communazis/Marxist terrorists planted by careerist treasonous politicians into these industries and operations in the USA etc. Well… their credibility is shot to the abyss of eternal woe, isn’t it? Yes? Maybe? (You’d have to have your head up your butt to say no, that they’re still trustworthy.)

If you want a rundown of how we got to where we are with BigTech and the mainstream media corruption, censorship, cancel culture, the politik invasion and collapse of journalistic integrity in major media sources in this country?

Follow the link below (I think he explains the basic rundown rather well, albeit for an hour but it’s informative):


Part 3: Project Veritas exposing Johnson & Johnson

Children should NOT get any of the vaccines

Part 4: Pfizer exposed

Scientist from Pfizer saying antibodies are better than their vaccine.

Part 5: Pfizer emails of top executives leaked

Leaked Pfizer executive emails – proof of human fetal cell lines used, and the Vatican selling out
Pfizer VP questioned, and like all others he deflects to the “communications office,” stonewalls, and runs away – pathetic!

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