“Vaccine” and “mask” and “test” mandates

Can anyone guess what makes my blood boil the most about so-called “vaccination mandates” and “mask mandates” etc..?

I’ll tell you.

There are people who are survivors of rape and the experience of sex slavery and human trafficking…. A story for another time. One day, I’ll tell it. But it’s not right to do so quite yet.

Now the government ETC are all up in everyone’s business.

Governments ETC who all never had any hand in the protection or healing of these survivors.

Governments ETC, and who all support these mandates, are by default all EVIL sadistic bastards. Yes, I am correct. No, I will never change my mind. They deserve to burn in Hell, and they need to repent. It’s not “convert or die,” it’s “repent/convert or spend eternity in Hell”.

Did you know that the FDA has admitted in audio visual form that these things are killing vs saving at a ratio of 2:1…? And still we’re expected to comply!

These things violate all 10 points of the Nuremberg Code that was cosigned in 1947.

Once upon a time, less than 100 years ago, crimes against humanity was something that SUPPOSEDLY mattered. Maybe it was all optics from the start. Look at where we are now? No more, apparently. Doesn’t matter anymore.

Published by endallwar8894

Just a little Catholic living a hidden multidimensional life.

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