La Palma Eruption and Tsunami

There was also recently an airstrike in Afghanistan that killed 10 civilians, including children. Really, I’m about to start screaming and banging my head on the floor in grief over all this, on top of what Australians are being made to suffer by their own satanic government’s (really the UN and EU) globalist agenda. In some discussion about the airstrike, someone brought up demon/Moloch-worshipping (aka pro-abortion) politicians.

Someone replied they were confused, if Moloch-worship was a real thing with these politicians.

Another person had remarked about the elitists (meant to type *how corrupt and crooked these people are* I think):

So I decided to clarify further:

 “Abortion. Moloch. Ritual human sacrifice of children/babies. Many demons promote that sacrifice, but Moloch was the most recorded in the time of Ancient Israel in the Hebrew Scriptures. Children were thrown into a furnace inside the demon idol.

“Well, this was an air strike. Same basics, really, bottom line. Children thrown into the line of fire by pro-abortion politicians pretending to be “Catholic”. All liars and heretics. Like what Jesus said in Revelation about the “synagogue of Satan” being made of those who say they are Jews but are not. Same refiner’s fire and Devil’s activity in Christ’s Church as was in the Jewish Synagogue.

“Thinking of Egypt and the plagues, though, how God went to war against all the pagan gods TO Pharaoh and the Egyptians, just because he refused to let the Israelites (original terms) go to the wilderness for three days to worship God. Makes me shudder for real. The record in Scripture is all vindicated by Egyptian sources (papyrus) and other preserved pagan resources from those who would trade with Egypt at the time. News spread back then. So much gets suppressed, but it’s all still real and still there. Makes me shudder for the Divine Chastisement on all nations not consecrated to Christ the King that’s coming, and Russia still not truly consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”

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