Enoch and the Eucharist

Video message posted 3 weeks ago (credit: Servants of Christ)

Only one of many many many examples (credit: Mother & Refuge of the End Times)

Personal Storytime

Pre-Covid, in 2019, I had a couple experiences.

I had been visiting different parishes in my home Diocese, to try to offer some reparation to Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament for the sacrileges of receiving Holy Communion in the hand and particles trampled underfoot by blind if not selfish Laity and (after I equally warned and exhorted all Diocesan Priests and Chancery personnel etc with a missive composed on August 6 and sent August 7, received by August 15 2020) selfish if not cowardly or poorly-formed Clergy.

Among my parish visits, in two particular parishes Jesus said something significant to me privately, which I was powerless to alleviate.

1. At [Saint A] church, Jesus said to me, “I am sorely hated here.”

2. At [Saint B] church, Jesus said to me, “I am not long for this place.”

Credit: True Faith Talks
For men, Sunday best, seriously, no short shorts, no surf or sport clothes, no (and this for women too) inappropriate graphics. Modest dress for women (speaking as a woman, because with modern women, modesty at Church and general in particular is a lost art). Here is the art form. It needs a neckline limited to not surpassing two inches below the collarbone, arms covered to the elbow, chest and midriff and torso covered, and legs covered with a dress/skirt (legs and that to the knees not showing, while seated in particular), no undergarments showing, no transparent material at the bodice/skirt (lace overlay and sleeves are ok), and no skin-tight form-clinging clothing. Form-flattering doesn’t have to be immodest. Modesty is an authentic Virtue, and honors your high dignity rather than decimates it. Let’s do this accordingly.
The Eucharistic Miracles throughout the world, spanning centuries, are often given as signs by God to demand belief in the face of unbelief. Perhaps we should be groaning over our unworthiness, in the face of so many miraculous phenomena, and repent sincerely and strive earnestly to merit Eternal Life.

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