Crimes Against Humanity in Israel

Subject: Crimes against humanity in Israel also in the IDF.
Date: September 5, 2021 at 4:50:17 AM EDT
To: Simon Wiesenthal Center International Headquarters <>,Heinous crimes against humanity are committed in Israel under the disguise of a fake, invented pandemic. Our soldiers are being rapped in the middle of the night they are being rounded up and injected with poison shots, which amount to human experimentation strictly forbidden under the Nuremberg Code.We remember the times when CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY MATTERED, but these times are long gone. In a couple of years countries surrendered sovereignty to a cabal of psychopaths from Davos and the World “Health” Organization. It’s impossible to grasp the government of Israel is committing genocide on its citizens, its soldiers and its children. Willingly destroying the wealth and the health of a nation. Turning the soldiers who are supposed to protect us into a bunch of zombies following mandatory, psychopathic human experimentation, despite clear evidence, the injected people get sick, die in droves and infect others by shedding deadly spike proteins which amount to biological weapons. Testimonies of terrorized soldiers rounded up in the middle of the night to receive forced experimental poisonous injections are tearing the nation apart. There are a sizable amount of freedom fighters left in Israel, but it seems the large majority lost the moral compass, the capacity to think rationally and succumbed to a Nazi, totalitarian mentality in order to try to maintain some kind of “virtue signaling”, while condoning crimes against humanity not seen since the dark era of Mengele and Goebbels.The vast majority of the people of Israel became Godless, morally depraved, devoid of basic morality and the capacity to differentiate between good and evil.The Facebook clip below, is only in Hebrew unfortunately, it’s about an Israeli mother receiving a phone call at 2am from her soldier daughter. The daughter describes a picture from hell scenario. Senior officers brutally wake up young soldiers boys and girls and RAPE them into submission to receive a poison shot. Below the link is the letter two Israeli mothers wrote to the International Tribunal in Les Hague for crimes against humanity against the IDF leadership and the government of Israel.Please circulate this email especially to ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre in Los Angeles. 76 years following the Nuremberg trials Jews are being terrorized in Israel by own own government. The country is in the state of lawlessness, the courts are Cangarou courts, a mockery of justice and the judges are corrupt, inept and behave like a crime racketeering family. All thieves, pedophiles from the Free Masonry tradition.

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