Pope Francis, Afghanistan, Texas Heartbeat Bill, German Schism, and (of course) the Traditional Latin Mass

Pope says Mass readings in Latin ‘like laughing at the Word of God’ in new interview 

In response to Pope Francis’s remarks (in image):

He should stop blaspheming in his thoughts. Pope Francis is not God, and his word is not law (however much he wants to treat it like it is even when deviating from the Gospel and Apostolic Tradition). God understands Latin perfectly fine, Jesus used it when speaking to Pilate, and accepts that His children strive to learn and utilize it (especially when in reparation for the offenses committed against Him by it by the Pagans etc). It’s not “laughing at the Word of God.”

Some modern Satanists and Witches etc express curses and spells by using languages backwards or switching around consonants and vowels (as an inversion and mockery because they can’t use a language upside down) and Latin is no exception. Pretty sure Freemasons use some of it too.

We are Roman Catholics. Latin is our ancestral mother-tongue. It is part of our heritage. When we use it, it is not regarded as laughing at the Word of God.

The Pope doesn’t know what he’s talking about, if he is (still) the Pope. Personally I think (speculatively) he’s sold his soul. He’s acting like a purely worldly politician. Like a Freemason. Or like an old empire Pax Romana pagan. I think Archbishop Vigano using the expression “non-Catholic Pope” was a kindness but misattributing. There are nons, and there are antis. Pope Francis is like an anti more than he is like a non.

Someone should warn him of the danger to his immortal soul, he’s losing his salvation and inheritance in Christ with his preferring to listen to the enemies of God and of himself who are all of this world.

P.S. Biden is most assuredly steamrolling himself forward to Hell at full speed, and Cardinal Parolin is a snake in the grass. On the matter of abortion, Pope Francis has sold his soul. He’s “benefitted/benefitting” himself by it (experimental innoculation and spiritually adulterating to go over to follow the enemies of God and man), so now his light is gone. If the Pope’s own words are anything to go by, this Pope has any esteem for people as persons only if they help him with his own will. In other words, Pope Francis has some self-worship going on there.

Define your terms, please, Holy Father. What do you call “criticism”? Are you making yourself accessible to the Nuncios, or just to the enemies of God? Are you perhaps at all stonewalling the Nuncios (even only one, even if a former Nuncio)?

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