Voting by Party Affiliation: How a “Transexual Satanist Anarchist” Got the GOP Vote

Political affiliation doesn’t matter. Integrity does. Voters need to be more responsible with their vote.

Bacon Breaks It Down

I strongly encourage everyone to read this blog post by self-described “transexual satanist anarchist,” Aria DiMezzo, who ran for Republican High Sheriff in Cheshire County, New Hampshire1– and won the primaries. Over 4,000 GOP voters, whom I am almost positive wouldn’t vote for someone whose campaign slogan is “F*** the Police,” voted for DiMezzo. Boy, were they mad.

Possibly an unpopular opinion- I don’t think the voters have any grounds for outrage. The Republican voters voted based on party affiliation instead of candidate’s qualifications, and ultimately, they are the ones that voted for a candidate they knew absolutely nothing about. A Google search showed the above slogan on the campaign page in a huge, in-your-face type of way. There was no mistaking it, and one needn’t research any further than a name search to discover that DiMezzo was not someone they would consider casting a vote for, and…

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