What is becoming of Christian leadership to do in time of a pandemic

Lesson # 1, put government and secularism back in its place

I have copy-pasted this (the following article content) as accurately as I currently am able. This is styled as an open letter from a Christian lawyer (who sounds more like a leader than those in leadership in the church). The original link is posted twice below, at the start and for more at the end. Credit where it is due. (I am Catholic. I am not a fan of Protestant versions of the English translation of the Bible, but anyone who wants to do a comparative analysis can do it on their own time. This time, I’ll be like the monks who preserved what came from other cultures insofar as there is a war of information against it.)


What the Church Needs to Know about Covid-19

Jeff Childers

2 days ago·20 min read

And What to Do About It

Dear Pastor or Father,

This might be one of the most important and timely things you’ve ever read. If you take the time to read it, and then you disagree, I’ll reimburse you for your time. I’m not joking.
I’m an attorney. Don’t hate me for it! I’ll suddenly be your best friend on the day you need me, don’t worry. I only mention it because I am a litigating attorney and everything I cite in this article will be something I can prove in court. Most of the data comes from the CDC, the NIH, the FDA, other state agencies, or major American newspapers. No conspiracy theories. I don’t truck in conspiracy theory because, by definition, they’re unprovable.
God gave me a message to give you:
When the Church wakes up, this will all be over.
But if the Church DOESN’T wake up, this will BE all over.
The fact that I don’t have to tell you what “this” is speaks volumes. Let’s get started.

What You Don’t Know About Covid-19

1. We are now at the lowest point of mortality since the pandemic began.

2. The CDC’s weekly U.S. mortality dashboard reports that deaths are at the lowest weekly point since March 2020:

You didn’t know that, did you? With the “Delta variant” raging and all that. You probably thought that mortality was through the roof. It’s not.*

(*August 31, 2021 Update: alert readers have pointed out that the mortality numbers are creeping up again since the chart above was screen-grabbed off the CDC’s website. This probably reflects that the summer wave of Covid is peaking in the southern states and just starting in the northern states. It doesn’t change the point, which is that all during the delta-hysteria period, mortality has been scraping the bottom. If we track Israel’s experience, which it appears certain we will, mortality may increase further, especially in vaccinated populations.)

3. Pediatric mortality from Covid in Florida is below flu levels. For all of 2020, there were 22 pediatric deaths from influenza in Florida. For all of 2020 and 2021 combined, there have only been 15 pediatric deaths from Covid-19:

There are other risks like drowning, or suffocation, that are much more significant for kids than Covid-19. In fact, Covid-19 is the least likely cause of death for kids in the United States:

4. We are probably well over the summer peak already, at least in southern states like Florida. Northern states probably still have their seasonal fall wave coming. The Harvard/Yale “R-naught” dashboard reports that Florida’s score is in the mid-70’s. R-naught, or “R0,” is the measure of how infectious the virus is. If the R0 is 1, then one infected person in turn infects one other person, and the virus is stable. If the R0 is 2, then one infected person in turn infects two other persons, and the virus is spreading. Here’s the latest dashboard for my county in Florida, in the midst of “Delta variant” hysteria:

You can see where it peaked at around 1.7 in July, but is now down to 0.74. Note the language in the description: “It it’s below 1.0, COVID-19 cases will decrease in the near future.”
Here’s where things start to get difficult. In early August — this month — the CDC announced ominously that Covid-19’s R0 was “the same as chicken pox.” Chicken pox has an R0 of 10.0 — one of the highest recorded viral R0’s of any virus, ever recorded. This was such a bizarre and blatant distortion of reality that even NPR had to call out the CDC:

So keep this question in mind: If we can’t count on the CDC for accurate information, then who can we count on?
5. We now know that the vaccine immunity is NOT long-lasting. It’s short-lasting. Even Pfizer and Moderna say so. Dr. Fauci just announced that boosters might be needed every five months:

Every five months. Wow. That’s not very long. And we haven’t known about this short-lasting vaccine problem for very long, either. Just since early this month, in fact:

Three weeks ago the U.S. government was calling for booster shots every eight months. Last week they shortened it to every six months. Now it’s at five months. We’ve lost three months of protection in two weeks. But even worse, in countries that are far ahead of us in vaccination rate, vaccinated people are getting serious Covid-19 in large numbers:

Oddly, Covid-19 infections in Israel (80% vaccinated) are spiking, while Covid-19 infections in the neighboring Palestinian territory (11% vaccinated) are flat:

6. But we have also learned that natural immunity IS long-lasting. Many scientists predicted this, but the CDC initially rejected the idea. In February, 2021, Dr. Fauci said that vaccine-induced immunity was “longer, broader, and more durable than natural immunity.” But now we know that vaccine immunity wanes quickly, and has to be refreshed as often as every five months. But on the other hand, natural immunity is looking very long-lasting:

What does this mean? We should be focusing on a strategy to protect vulnerable people by sheltering them, while letting the healthy population get through Covid-19 as quickly as possible, treating them for serious cases. Maybe boosting everyone with a brand-new vaccine for the rest of their lives is not the best strategy. Just saying.

7. Vaccines were sold to us on the theory we’d use them to get to “herd immunity.” But that ship has now sailed and fallen off the edge of the Earth. In late 2020, Fauci, the CDC, and large news agencies were all telling us that the vaccines would help us reach herd immunity, where the virus has nowhere to go because so many people have been immunized:

Whoops. Since we now know that vaccinated people can still get and transmit the infection, there is no way we can ever reach herd immunity through the vaccine:

Back in March of this year, CDC Director Rochelle Walenskey said:
The data suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus.

But this month, on August 6, she told Wolf Blitzer:
Our vaccines are working exceptionally well, they continue to work well for delta with regard to severe illness and death, they prevent it, but what they can’t do anymore is prevent transmission.

They can’t prevent transmission of the virus. Can’t. No herd immunity.

At this point, you might be wondering, what IS the plan now? What ARE we trying to accomplish with the vaccines? Jabbing people every few months forever? I am concerned that there IS NO PLAN now. No plan except to continue doing what isn’t working. And you know what they call that.

8. It’s even worse than that. The Covid vaccines are leaky. Leaky vaccines make viruses mutate faster and become more deadly. A “leaky” vaccine is one that provides some health benefits but doesn’t immunize the patient. So the virus can keep living inside the vaccinated person, and mutating. It mutates to try to “escape” the vaccine’s limited protection. Take a look at what one recent study says about leaky vaccines.

We have known for some time that leaky vaccines push viruses to mutate faster:

9. Forget about mutations. Because the vaccines are leaky, and because animals can catch Covid-19, we can NEVER get rid of it. Never. In early August a new study of white-tailed deer, which live in 49 states in the U.S., showed that almost half (40%) of them had Covid-19 antibodies. Almost HALF:

We now know of up to 20 species of animals that can catch the virus, including household cats and dogs. The technical terminology for this phenomenon is that the Covid-19 virus has an “animal reservoir.”

Even if we could vaccinate every single man, woman, and child in the world all on the same day, we still couldn’t get rid of Covid. The animals would re-infect us. And you can’t vaccinate the animals, because they don’t respond to shaming or threats of loss of employment.

What does all this mean?
It means this:

Vaccinated folks are probably driving most mutations, not unvaccinated.

Natural immunity is far longer, broader, and more durable than vaccine-induced immunity.

Vaccination will not stop infections or create herd immunity.

Covid cannot be eradicated because of Animal Reservoirs.

Covid is here to stay.

And the Israel experience suggests that, as we increase vaccinations, serious hospitalizations are going to spike here, too. We have a “complicated” future coming soon. What are you going to do about it?

There is a demonic spirit of fear suffocating the Earth. You know I’m right.

The Spirit of Fear is destroying relationships and tearing the Church apart. Unvaccinated grandparents are being told by their children that they can’t see their grand kids and not to come around. Bizarrely, vaccinated members of your church are fearful and distrusting of their unvaccinated brothers and sisters. But Christians, in particular, are not supposed to fear. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Where is all this fear coming from? Here’s a recent cover from Newsweek:

The “Doomsday Variant.” Doomsday! It asks, “How worried should we be?” HOW worried. Not “Should we be worried?” Worry is presumed. But when you read the article, it admits there is no doomsday variant. It says that experts “can’t rule it out.” It’s just speculation. It might have been helpful to mention that on the cover, don’t you think?

Anyway, I disagree. There IS a doomsday variant. The doomsday variant is fear.

This Spirit of Fear has caused a tsunami of worldwide terror:

In a huge study, just published, of FIVE MILLION Covid-19 patients, guess what is now tied for first place as the most likely predictor of mortality once someone goes in the hospital?

Number one used to be obesity. No surprise there. But guess what has crept up the charts, and is now tied for number one, with obesity? Fear and anxiety related disorders:

So, your risk of dying if you are hospitalized with Covid is +30% if you’re obese and +28% if you have any “anxiety and fear-related disorders.” Those disorders weren’t even on the list a year ago. I predict they will take first place soon, if they haven’t already. In other words, I expect fear and anxiety disorders to soon be the NUMBER ONE predictor of mortality if a person is hospitalized with Covid-19.

The Spirit of Fear is literally killing people.

The scientific literature is BLOWING UP with fear and anxiety-related issues.

Worst of all? The children may be the largest single group of victims of the Spirit of Fear:

Clinically-elevated symptoms of pediatric depression. Clinical levels. In 25% of kids. Think about that for a minute. Kids are wondering what they have to live for. And nobody’s giving them spiritual counseling or — most importantly—hope.

Only fifteen children have died from Covid in Florida in a year and a half. But a quarter of them are suffering from clinical levels of fear and depression. Think about that. That is a spiritual problem, not a medical problem. If only we had an organization devoted to tackling spiritual problems. Let me know if you think of one.

The hospitals are filling up with people who are experiencing life-threatening levels of anxiety. Here’s one example I received recently from a doctor in the largest hospital chain in Massachusetts:

Unprecedented demand for procedural and acute mental and behavioral health services. Unprecedented. In other words, it’s never happened before.

Here’s the thing. A Spirit of Fear is a SPIRITUAL PROBLEM. It’s not a medical problem. It’s not a biological problem. It’s not a political problem. And it’s not a scientific problem. It’s a spiritual problem.

If only we had some kind of worldwide organization that was devoted to addressing spiritual problems. We sure could use something like that, for a time like this.

Jesus told us not to fear. Anything. Ever.

Phillippians 4:4–7
So park that idea for a moment. The Spirit of Fear isn’t just tearing families and congregations apart. There is a major disconnect between the pulpit and the pew:

I’ve already shown you that the vaccines are becoming more questionable by the minute. But a lot of pastors and priests are still pushing the shot from the pulpit. This is increasing fear, not addressing it. A lot of your members don’t want the shot, don’t trust the ungodly people pushing it, and can’t get even their most basic questions answered by anyone in authority. They are coming to the Church for spiritual comfort and leadership and they aren’t getting it.

You want a recipe for making the Church irrelevant? This is it, on steroids. Pastors, I love you, you are my brothers, but if I hear one more sermon about five takeaways from the Book of Nehemiah while a Spirit of Fear is crushing the Church, I think I might lose my mind.

The Pastor is talking about how the Exodus compares to my marriage relationship, and I’m looking around the church and seeing people who are terrified they are going to lose their jobs because they won’t take the vaccine. Parents who are frantic because they promised their kids there would be no more masks this year and now must break those solemn promises. People with chronic health problems who are terrified the hospitals will stop treating them just because they won’t get the jab. Others who are scared because they did get the jab but are now hearing they have to take boosters all the time or they can still catch Covid. Which they were promised would not happen.

And, meanwhile, just what are you telling all those people seeking spiritual counseling and comfort in your church about all those spiritual and practical fears? Nothing, that’s what. Why not? I’m not sure, but I think it’s because you’re scared too. Scared to take a position. Scared to speak out. The Spirit of Fear is crushing you.

The Church is ASLEEP! WAKE UP!!

Take a look at the web pages of mainstream Christian magazines. There’s nothing helpful about dealing with Covid-19 and the Spirit of Fear. Not one thing.

Wow. Top article is about medical marijuana. During a pandemic of fear that is literally killing us and tearing the Church apart. And that one article about Covid saying churches shouldn’t write exemption notes isn’t too helpful to alleviate terrified members’ worries about losing their jobs, is it? I’m guessing reading something like that makes folks more terrified.

Great job, Christianity Today.

Here’s the one article in the front page of the Christian Post.

There’s not even anything about Covid close to the top. You have to scroll down the screen to find it:

The “Post-Covid-19 Workplace?” Really? Is the Christian Post in a different dimension in the multi-verse? Could they possibly get any more disconnected and irrelevant? That’s an honest question. We’re not post-anything. Not even close. We’re just getting started.

The world is on fire! Wake up, Christian Post! Vaccine mandates are erupting worldwide and people don’t like it. They are terrified:

Meanwhile, WHERE IS THE CHURCH?? Oh, they are being so, so careful to toe the government’s line, so they don’t get shut down:

What’s the government’s advice to the Church?

Why is the Church scared of these ungodly men? Why? That’s not what our Savior said we should be:

DO NOT FEAR THOSE WHO CAN KILL THE BODY. FEAR HIM WHO CAN DESTROY BOTH SOUL AND BODY IN HELL. Come on, Pastors! Wake up! Stop fearing and cow-towing to these petty dictators!

You might be thinking, but what SHOULD I be doing? I’m glad you asked.

We need our pastors and priests to get some guts. There might not be a lot of time left. It feels like we’re in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, and we just realized that we were playing football.

Have you seen all these great Youtube videos of moms, down at the school board, tearing those officials a new one?

Now, that is some entertaining YouTube material right there, am I right? Good stuff.
But here’s my first question: Where are the MEN?

Yeah. They’re nowhere to be seen. Why? Because they’re afraid. If they stand up and stand out, they’ll get cancelled, fired, shamed.

Okay. Here’s my next question: Where are these moms’ brothers and sisters from the church? Why aren’t their brothers and sisters down there at the School Board supporting these moms? Huh. I guess we don’t support each other anymore. My bad.

My last, and most important, question: WHERE ARE THE PASTORS??

Pastors, why aren’t YOU down there at the school board supporting your moms? I thought the kids were the future of the Church and all that? Or is that just a marketing slogan? You want the kids to come to the Church, but you won’t go down to the school board and fight for them. Does that seem fair to you?

How about Critical Race Theory, pastor? They are teaching kids that the Church is racist. Do you have any problem with that? Do you think it is good? Just? Virtuous? Do you think things are going to work out well for the Church if that goes on for very long? Are you waiting for the women to fix it for you?

Shame on you.

Pastor, I love you, but you have lost your way.

Okay. That was some tough love. What does finding your way look like?

We have to start fighting the Spirit of Fear. The Spirit of Fear has to be vanquished from the Church before it can be defeated in the World. You must start at home. You have to immediately start talking about these issues and pointing out the ungodliness and the fearful spirits and encouraging people.

You have to start leading.

I know, I know. But Jeff, you ask, how do I know what to say? There’s so much misinformation out there. How do I know what is right and what is wrong?

Pastor, I don’t know what to tell you. If only there were some kind of omniscient source of wisdom somewhere that we could tap into. That would be helpful, right? Let’s look around, and see if we can come up with something.

The Church must immediately become relevant. The only thing people are thinking about right now is Covid. All the problems I’ve already named plus unimaginable fears about what’s coming next. And that’s all you should be talking about, too. All the time. Every day.

But Jeff, you say, I only have them for a few hours on Sunday. Then the world gets them the rest of the time. So I feel like it’s hopeless, there’s nothing I can do.

Pastor, PLEASE. That’s the Spirit of Fear talking. You still aren’t getting the idea, are you? If you’ll go down to the School Board and deliver a fiery sermon, someone will record it, and you’ll be on YouTube and get a MILLION VIEWS. You have to get out of the Church. Go to where the people are.

GET OUT OF THE SAFE COMFY CHURCH! GET INTO THE WORLD! DO IT NOW! You have to start publicly pushing back against government overreach, ungodly men, evil, and attacks on people’s freedoms. Why? If you can’t think of a godly reason, how about self-preservation? Once the other freedoms are lost, what do you think will happen to religious freedom? They’ve already shown they are willing to shut your Church and leave the bars, marijuana dispensaries, and strip clubs open. Fight it now before it gets any stronger.

Pastor, what exactly are you waiting for? An invitation? A sign? THIS is your sign. THIS is the message you’ve been waiting for. Now stop waiting and start acting. God has given you pastors the greatest shield and talent that he’s ever given any ordinary class of human beings.

People — critics— say about me, all the time, “don’t listen to that guy. He’s just a lawyer.” So let me talk to you as a lawyer.

You are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution better than any other citizen. There are more 9–0 Supreme Court decisions in favor of religious liberty than any other issue. They will come for you last. You can say just about anything with impunity. They can’t officially touch you. They might send thugs to threaten and intimidate you, but if many of you are activated, they won’t bother. And if you organize your church, you can resist the thugs anyway. That strategy only works to silence the one or two vocal pastors who pop up here and there. If there is a large group, there’s no point.

So, pastor, what are you doing with this awesome First Amendment talent that God has bestowed on you for a time such as this? I’ll tell you what you’ve done with it. You’ve sealed it in a mason jar, hidden the mason jar in a bushel basket, and buried the bushel basket under the olive groves.

Now, good and faithful servant, what will you tell your Creator on that glorious day when He asks for an accounting of how you used the talents that He gave you? I sure hope you’ll have dug them up and put them to work by then.

Pastor, we are in a war. It’s here. It’s in our cities, our neighborhoods, and our churches. You are a wartime pastor. Start acting like one. What were good and faithful pastors doing in World War I? In World War II?

You should be organizing your churches. Get EVERYONE down to the School Board meeting, the county commission meeting, the city council meeting. Get your folks to start working together! Lead them!

Start getting ready for what everyone can see is coming. The time for churches to provide widespread medical care is nearly here. Unvaccinated people won’t be able to be treated at the hospitals. They won’t even be let in the front door. The CHURCH is going to have to take care of them. Are you ready for that?

Members are going to be fired. They may have trouble finding any gainful employment. They’ll need help. A kind of help you haven’t ever dealt with before. And there will be a lot of them.

You are going to be feeding people who will be cut off from food, for one reason or another. Community is going to become a life-and-death issue. Don’t wait for it to get here. Get ready now.

You MUST start calling out evil and ungodliness wherever it appears. And it’s all over. You saw what happened in Afghanistan. What’s happening here is Afghanistan on steriods. The same ungodly people who orchestrated the Afghanistan debacle are in charge of the pandemic.

And PLEASE stop calling deaths from Covid in your Church a “tragedy.” That is heretical. Christians don’t believe death is a tragedy. Death has been defeated. We celebrate when our brothers and sisters go to their reward. It is NOT a tragedy. That is the Spirit of Fear talking.

I leave you with this, two scriptures from the Book of Revelation.

The cowardly are first in the list to be thrown in the the lake of fire. Don’t be in that group. Better to die in this world than experience that fate. God doesn’t want you to be cowardly, even if these ARE the end times.
And, speaking of the end times, there is another heresy to address. Some people think that the World is coming to an end, so we can just sit back and wait to be delivered from it. But not so fast, Pastor:

WAKE UP!!! Strengthen what remains! Some will fall away, but some, a few, have not soiled their garments! God’s not finished with the Church yet! Wake up, as you have been commanded! Do it RIGHT NOW.

I have a live version of this presentation that I give to groups of pastors. If you’ve read down this far, then you know that this is a critical message. Get me a group of pastors of any size and I will present the message to them on Zoom. For a big group I will do it live. I’ll move whatever I have to move in my schedule to do it.

For my whole life, I’ve been troubled by the image of the Lord spitting out the lukewarm church. How could I be not lukewarm? What does that even mean? Do I have to go become a missionary in Africa? Do I have to hold a sign on the street in New Orleans?
I don’t worry about being lukewarm any more. I am ready to talk to Him now, about all my adventures on His mission. It’s done. I have a feeling of peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding.

And it’s because last year I got into the crosshairs, just as He was directing me, in spite of all my fears and anxieties. I’ve never been a public figure, not ever. But I put it all on the altar. And He has blessed me beyond imagination and given me this platform.

Pastor, this is your time. This is your chance. To be NOT LUKEWARM. You are a wartime pastor and I pray that you, like me, will rise and answer the call.

Yours in faith,
Jeff Childers, August 2021

Commercial Litigation Attorney in Florida


3 days ago

☕️ Coffee & Covid ☙ Saturday, August 28, 2021 ☙ Much Greater 🦠
Welcome to the C&C Weekend Edition! The City of Gainesville tries to lead in the area of vaccine mandates, while City employees push back in a press conference and march on City Hall yesterday. I analyze yesterday’s Leon County decision against the Governor. A new blockbuster Israeli study concludes natural infection is a LOT better protection than vaccine protection. We look at the nearly-completely-unknown conscience objection to vaccination. Weird things are happening in Australia and Denmark goes the other way.
☎️ Boy, do we need a special session now, more than ever. At over 1,300 C&C callers, we are making our voices heard every single day. If you are new here and want to help, text 5DAY to 43506 or enroll online at app.txtsignal.io/w/a5f1d78d. Leave this message at each number: “You MUST convene a special session NOW to ban vaccine mandates. Vaccine mandates are threatening entire cities! We’re out of time. It MUST be now.” It should only take about 5–10 minutes total for all five calls. It matters.

Some folks are naturals at these calls, and some folks find the calls to be a little more of a chore. To encourage everyone, post your favorite / funniest / best call story in the comments today, along with your top pro tips about how to handle calls when folks answer live.

🪖 The outpouring of support over C&C’s deplatforming has been overwhelming. Folks were sending in checks yesterday, some substantial, others were offering to help set up alternative platforms, and others cancelled their own Patreon accounts in mutual protest. I don’t know what to say. You guys are the best. We’ll have an alternative going soon, and this minor hiccup won’t stop ANYTHING that we’re doing for change.


🔥 After filing the first vaccine mandate lawsuit in the state, Florida attorney Jeff Childers held a press conference yesterday calling on the City of Gainesville, Florida, to pause its vaccine mandate until it can complete a proper risk assessment, and argued that proceeding without one was irresponsible. Here’s a link to a report on the press conference. [City employees demand pause to Gainesville’s vaccine mandate | WGFL](https://mycbs4.com/news/local/city-employees-demand-pause-to-gainesvilles-vaccine-mandate). Following the press conference, over 200 protestors marched on City Hall.

(Yes, yes, I know I’m talking about myself in the third person. But it makes more sense this way if you want to paste that paragraph somewhere.)

🔥 Speaking of the City of Gainesville, its local government appears to be ripping apart at the seams. Last week, one of the commissioners, Gail Johnson, resigned in disgust. “Power has been abused and misused. We have quickly gone from working in a low-trust environment to a no-trust environment,” she said. I’m out of here, in other words. Buh-bye.

Well, this week, amidst chaos in the wake of the City’s odious vaccine mandate, Commissioner Desmon Duncan-Walker called for the resignation of the City Manager, Lee Feldman. “We have seen a pattern, a systemic way of behaving that has caused more and more damage amongst the individuals that work with the city and it’s trickled down to the commission now,” she said. We have a several hundred page report, that outlines several complaints against Mr. Feldman and for some reason we have not done our due diligence in taking those complaints seriously, and that is something that I really believe our commission needs to rethink.”

Great job, Gainesville! Inspirational! True leaders, and all that. And by “true leaders,” of course I mean nincompoops.

👨‍⚖️ Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper enjoined the Florida Board of Education’s monetary sanctions against school districts yesterday, which has generated a lot of buzz around Florida, with pro-maskers triumphantly celebrating the decision. I have a different take. Let me give you a couple things to think about this ruling from a lawyer’s perspective.

First, the outcome was totally predictable in advance. Last summer, I watched a hearing with Judge Cooper on Leon County’s motion to dismiss State Representative Anthony Sabatini’s lawsuit against its mask mandate. At one point, Judge Cooper asked Sabatini, “Mr. Sabatini, what am I supposed to tell a parent whose child died because I enjoined the mask mandate?” I signed off the zoom hearing at that point. In the business, we say the judge “telegraphed” how he was going to rule. My assumption was right and he did, promptly dismissing Sabatini’s lawsuit.

So, that’s the same judge who heard the case yesterday. My guess is the plaintiffs picked Leon County circuit court in a well-known legal technique called “forum shopping.” I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the trial court case here because I expected the exact outcome that did happen. Let me be clear: I am NOT suggesting the judge did anything improper. All I am saying is that Judge Cooper’s beliefs about kids dying without masks is well known. Judge Cooper has a duty to evaluate each case separately on its merits, and I have no reason to think that he did anything else yesterday.

But if I were one of the Governor’s lawyers, I would have already been getting ready to go up on appeal even before I set foot in the courthouse. Which is prudent in any important case anyway. In fact, according to Politico, DeSantis officials said it was “not surprising” to see Cooper rule against the rights of parents and instead “in favor of elected politicians.” Seems like they expected it too.

The case now goes to the First DCA, which already ruled in my case that mandatory masking was presumptively unconstitutional. Judge Cooper held that Leon County had met the very high standard to enforce a presumptively unconstitutional law, and that will probably be one of the issues on appeal.

Last year, the very same thing happened to the Governor after he ordered schools to reopen. The trial court ruled against him, siding with the teachers’ unions, and shut down the reopening order. But the way, guess which trial court? Leon County. But the trial court was overturned on appeal and the schools reopened. So this is all part of the normal playbook.

“We are used to the Leon County Circuit Court not following the law and getting reversed on appeal, which is exactly what happened last year in the school reopening case,” DeSantis’ spokesman Taryn Fenske said. See? The show isn’t over. It’s not even intermission.

Finally, Judge Cooper left the DOH’s order requiring a parental opt-out to mask mandates in place. He only enjoined the BOE’s sanction against school funding. Which all the rebelling school districts were ignoring anyway. So his ruling doesn’t really change the landscape much. And after the ruling, DOE Commissioner Richard Corcoran sent non-compliance letters to eight more mandate counties.

💉 Folks are starting to dig into established state laws, and are finding that forcible vaccination has long been repulsive to all responsible, right-thinking citizens. A law review article this week focused on Illinois’ “Health Care Right of Conscience Act,” which passed in 1997 with only 2 objections. The law clearly states that it is “unlawful” to discriminate because of a person’s “conscientious refusal” to receive health care services “contrary to his or her conscience.”

Illinois law defines one’s conscience as “a sincerely held set of moral convictions arising from belief in and relation to God, or which, though not so derived, arises from a place in the life of its possessor parallel to that filled by God among adherents to religious faiths.”

Florida does not have a parallel law, but conscience is one of the exceptions required under the statute governing the state’s ability to mandate vaccines. Florida Statute § 381.00315(4) says that “Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.” Let’s break that down.

Before we get to the scary-sounding language of isolation and quarantine, let’s look at the three exemptions. The statute clearly provides THREE types of exemptions. And they exemptions apply to testing, vaccination and treatment. They are: health, religion, AND conscience.

First, a “health” objection is a lot broader than what local governments have been offering, which have re-defined it as a “medical” exemption. Those aren’t the same.

Second, in addition to exemptions arising from “religion,” the statue includes an explicit right to object for “conscience.” Conscience is super broad. This basis for objection has been completely ignored by local governments. For some reason.

Now let’s talk about isolation and quarantine. Note carefully that the statute does NOT say “shall be subjected” to quarantine. It says “MAY be subjected.” That’s because putting someone in isolation or quarantine invokes about a million other constitutional problems, which have to be overcome in order to permit the quarantine. My legal opinion is that the state would have to give every single individual full due process before subjecting them to isolation and quarantine. They’d have to prove the person was a clear and present danger, at a very high standard of proof. And since they already require people who test positive for Covid to stay home anyway, there isn’t much benefit to a “quarantine” for health people. They can’t make everybody stay home and also stay in business.

And of course, we now know that vaccinated folks are potential carriers of the virus too. So, isolating and quarantining an unvaccinated person would treat similarly situated people differently, violating equal protection. Since both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can infect others, they are similarly-situated. Quarantining only unvaccinated people would be irrational, arbitrary, and capricious. It’ll never fly.

All of this goes to show the fundamental irrationality of vaccine mandates, especially — but not only — in the context of “leaky” vaccines that don’t provide sterilizing immunity. And, don’t even get me started talking about people who’ve already recovered from Covid and can’t infect anyone.

Too late! Let’s DO talk about that.

💉 Yesterday, Science published an article headlined, “Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine — but no infection parties, please.”

Much. Greater. Immunity. Much greater. MUCH.

The article refers to a newly-published Israeli study that, according to Science, concludes that “natural immune protection that develops after a SARS-CoV-2 infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.” Oh. Even Delta, huh? And, I thought Fauci told us in February that vaccine-induced immunity was much better than natural immunity. Um, based on what data, doc? Dummy.

The researchers were careful to suggest that folks shouldn’t run out and TRY to get infected, saying “someone might die.” The science seems to agree for folks who are in high risk groups: elderly or very obese folks with two or more comorbidities. I’m not sure about everybody else.

It’s not a one-off study either. Science points out that “It’s the largest real-world observational study so far to compare natural and vaccine-induced immunity to SARS-CoV-2.”

(See, professor Allen? There’s another good example of how to use that pesky apostrophe: “It’s” the largest study. “It” apostrophe “s”.)

What did they find? In one of their analyses of two million Israelis that compared over 32,000 individual cases, the risk of developing symptomatic Covid-19 was 27 times higher among the vaccinated, and the risk of hospitalization for the vaccinated was eight times higher than the unvaccinated.

It’s TWENTY-SEVEN times higher for vaxx people than for naturally immune people. And even after that, it’s still EIGHT TIMES more likely for infected vaxx people to develop a serious case of Covid that requires hospitalization than the much smaller number of reinfected naturally-immune folks.

The study also published data showing that people who recover from an infection keep on developing increasing numbers and types of coronavirus-targeting antibodies for up to a year. That’s an important feature of natural infections. Increasing antibodies. But the researchers said that double-jabbed people STOP seeing increases “in the potency or breadth of the overall memory antibody compartment” just a few months after their second dose. So, that’s pretty important, too.

This should reassure any vaxx folks who are worried that unvaccinated people will reinfect them. As the virus moves through the population of people who don’t take the vaccines, those people will be even MORE safe for vaxx people to be around than other vaccinated people. Maybe we should make a special gold star or something for recovered folks to wear, showing that they are safe for vaccinated people to be around.

💉 Another development yesterday showed how dumb Associate Professor Allen’s theory is that it’s “Republicans” who are the ones refusing the shot. That guy really needs to go back for some remedial education. Anyway, New York City’s largest police union doesn’t seem to be too enthusiastic about the jabs. “If the City attempts to impose a vaccine mandate on PBA members, we will take legal action to defend our members’ right to make such personal medical decisions,” Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said.

According to the New York Post, the latest figures show that only 47 percent of the entire uniformed and civilian NYPD workforce has taken the jab. So.

🦘In an under-reported and somewhat disquieting development in Australia, insurance providers are getting out of the life insurance in droves. All at the same time. Completely out. Buh-bye! For example, NRMA Insurance company’s website now says, “We don’t offer new Life Insurance anymore. We stopped offering new life insurance policies from 1 April 2021.” NIB Insurance’s website says, “We no longer offer new Life and Income Protection Insurance policies.” NAB Insurance: “Life Insurance — This product is no longer for sale.” An August 9, 2021 financial story reports, “Westpac has announced it will sell its Australian life insurance business to TAL Daichi Life Australia in a deal worth $900 million to the bank.”

TAL Daichi is a Japanese-owned insurance company. So. What do the Australian insurers know?

🦘 After 85 positive test results were found among its population of 60,000, the Australian government put large parts of the town of Shepparton under a severe mandatory quarantine. Local Australian news sources report that, after just one week of lockdown, the town is running desperately short on FOOD. That’s not too good.

Local media reports that Shepparton citizens have started panicking after all the supplies of bread and milk vanished off online stores and shelves. The staff at all of Shepparton’s supermarkets have been ordered into a fourteen-day quarantine, leaving online orders as the only option. But many Sheppartonians use cashless welfare cards and can’t buy food online.

The Australian military is starting to deliver food and emergency supplies, and soldiers are going door-to-door to ensure that the 20,000 residents in quarantine are complying with lockdown orders.

🔥 Meanwhile, AFP reported yesterday that “Denmark will scrap ALL Covid restrictions in two weeks and stop classifying it as ‘a critical threat to society.’” So.


We have a new weekly report, and it shows exactly what we expect as the summer Covid season works its way around the country, and continues to ebb in Florida.

As shown on today’s spreadsheet, US hospitalizations ticked up, as the northern states’s cases begin creeping, while on the other hand, Florida’s Covid hospitalizations FELL by over a 1,000 patients, decreasing for the first time since the start of the summer wave.

Florida’s positivity ratio also fell significantly, from 19.8% to 16.8%. Alachua County’s positivity ratio fell even more significantly, from 14.7% to 11.9%. Also significantly, Florida’s “R-naught” fell again, for the sixth straight week, to 0.77. As the R-naught falls, cases also start falling.

Although Florida’s “cases” increased a little, this has to be due to increased testing, since the positivity rate fell at the same time. My guess is that cases are up due to increased testing requirements on K-12 and college students, who are being tested in droves due to aggressive contact-tracing programs in schools, which began in earnest last week.

Florida’s weekly vaccination rates jumped significantly last week, probably as a result of coercive employer mandates and policies. On the other hand, Alachua’s weekly vaccinations fell from 2,739 to 1,991.

Florida weekly deaths increased a little, but at a slower rate. Since this is a lagging indicator, we expect it to start falling soon as hospitalizations keep trending down.

So, everything in this week’s report is reassuring, and reinforces what all non-partisan observers expected, which is that Florida is over the summer Covid wave and now it’s the northern states’ turn.

Have a terrific weekend, a very blessed Sunday, and I’ll see you back here on Monday morning to kick off the new week and the end of August.
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For more comments and previous updates, see https://jeff-childers.medium.com/what-the-church-needs-to-know-about-covid-19-2307dc2a111c

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5 thoughts on “What is becoming of Christian leadership to do in time of a pandemic

  1. I have been discovering that honesty is becoming a lost art. I’m not sure all the reasons, but I have some ideas how propaganda and the media affect human behaviors, even in the Church.


  2. Hi from the UK

    This is quite an article, and basically you are quite right. So thank you very much.

    I researched Covid 19 last year and eventually managed to get the various issues covered on my website, together with a summary.

    Covid 19 is in essence the ‘flu, the bodies own response to toxicosis from metabolism of food creating mainly urea which we must excrete.

    We also suffer from external poisons which have increased enormously over the years, especially the last 100 -150. This includes vaccines which, as I explain on my website, are and always have been, pointless.

    I assumed vaccines were of some use until I researched properly at last in 2020. I changed my mind.

    I realised that we have been subjected to a colossal propaganda programme, mind boggling in scale.

    Anyway, here is my link to the summary which may be of use. There are various sublinks within. I do use humour at times to make my points, but my intent is serious. Some of it may surprise you as it surprised me to start with.

    But as Jesus said The truth will set us free .


    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


    1. Thank you for the research you put into it. I look forward to checking it out more in depth later.

      But this is not my work, just to be clear (except the beginning disclaimer, lol). I just copied it before it was scrapped from The Medium. There are now paper copies of it being circulated in defiance of the censorship and suppression by BigTech and BigPharma etc. The USA was not founded on the principles of Corporatocracy and its elite (worthless) bureaucrat overlords.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for letting me know. My eyesight has been somewhat compromised by a facial palsy which I still have, and sometimes I miss the authorship details in scanning through long articles.

        Still, I am very grateful you posted. I included my own statistical analysis when I realised how under attack the USA was. There is a link in the Covid 19 summary.

        I am glad to hear you can circulate paper copies. I have asked the unseen angels to assist you as best they can.

        BigTech and BigPharma etc. have become tools of Satan and his cronies, the worthless elite bureaucrat overlords as you succinctly put it.




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