What everything is going to boil down to…


They’re accurate. They’re independent. They’re censored. And reading even only the headlines, I’m seeing……….

It’s highly likely going to take our going to war for the right to live.

God was doubted. Then God was ignored. And then God was rejected.

He placed before all nations the blessing and the curse. Life, or Death.

Abortion was legalized. It was tolerated. And it was permitted. It wasn’t fought against enough. It was celebrated.

Now sociopathic serial killers run nearly everything.

It’s our “just desserts” as nations to be put in the crucible like this, after what we compromised. After who we compromised.

I was in the back passenger seat of a car one evening. Some one-occasion associates of mine in college were talking about abortion, and were very selfish in their reasoning. I kept my mouth shut until they asked me what I thought about it. I told them,

“If the lives of the most innocent and vulnerable of our race are not valued and respected, do we really have any right to expect better for ourselves?”

They all shut up. I could tell the cogs in their brain began moving a little smoother.

But the bottom line…

We’re really going to have to fight for the way out of this.

Viva Cristo Rey.

Published by endallwar8894

Just a little Catholic living a hidden multidimensional life.

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