Nazi Germany and the mass psychosis of World 2021 – it’s the same infectious disease

I want you to take a good hard look at yourselves. You don’t care if people live or die. All you care about is a covid jab and your own conveniences. And you will burn in Hell for it. You are sick with a mass psychosis, and you let the government put you under it.

Just like the state of the “community” of the Germans, in World War II.

I have a dear Ma’mush’ka. Well, we call her that anyway. She’s not our biological mother. She’s Austrian Ukrainian, and her mother (an aristocrat who could speak 7 languages fluently) and she fled the country to the USA when Communism dominated Europe. Mamushka was only a little girl when World War II began, but is a grandmother now. When I asked her if she and her mother had gone into bunkers/shelters, she said that “it was foolish to go into the bunkers – they were in mountains – during the bombings, because the mountains could collapse the entrance and you would get trapped and die there. All you could really do is hunker down where you were and pray. Pray, pray, pray. Prayer can move mountains. ‘Where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there with them,’ Jesus said.”

I have only seen her cry on three occasions.

The first was over the story of a little child who died in a hospital, and over the grief of the little girl’s parents.

The second was over abortion.

The third… In the third occasion, she really cried… She recounted the story of how “Germans came and took my father to jail, and he never came out alive.” “Germans are the worst!” she said. Her eyes were red and her face was stained with tears. “They don’t care if you live or die, whether you are just a child, or a mother, or a father, if you lose someone. They don’t care!”

In her eyes and voice, I saw the life that was stolen, and the little girl who was robbed of her father … All because some few have an agenda and everyone else sticks their heads in the sand and go along with it, making them all sick in their souls, hearts and heads…

Do you claim this is not happening today?

This is a test being permitted to everyone by God.

Convert, choose to put your trust and confidence in Him… Or else you will receive what your actions deserve, after the senseless tragedies you inflict on others.

Those who do not convert, they condemn everyone else to die as a matter of their convenience, because they choose to put their trust in a bioweapon ordered by sociopathic serial killers (population control elites). They are as immediately responsible for the evil in the world as those who plan these events for us to be subjected to at their whim.

The latter will all go to Hell… all for their love of a jab. They choose who and what they worship, as do the rest of us.

You “doubt my spin of the story”? DirectQuote: After 2.5 years of being on the wait-list, he was removed from it…. ‘ Allen said he was concerned about the possible side effects of the Covid vaccines. He wrote a letter in response to his removal from the waitlist, saying, “I understand that my choices have repercussions, but I did not change the policy. I am most put off, not by your decision to remove me from the list, thereby removing any opportunity to live out my life at a near-normal level, but by the lack of scientific logic that dictates your ’policy.’ ” His letter continued, “As a person who has spent much time and money at UWMC as a heart failure patient, I am being told I cannot get care for my condition unless I take an injection that has shown to cause cardiac problems.” The medical center replied to Allen’s letter but refused to add him back to the waitlist. ‘
I was told by a friend who is a medical practitioner, that the Hippocratic Oath was eliminated from schools producing graduates back in the 1990s.
Anyone conducting further smearing of those who expose or speak on evil underhanded dealings in the world by calling them “conspiracy theorists” prove now to officially be the crazy theorists themselves. It’s now staring everyone in the face. You have to be a real and deliberate moron to go on denying reality after this.

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