What a leftist conspiracy theorist sounds like (see article)


I’m neither republican nor democrat. I’m independent. We all have our own mind regardless. That Biden faces severe criticism by both Republicans and Democrats, over withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and propping the Taliban back up? Proof.

My father is registered Independent but leans Republican. My mother is registered Democrat but loathes politics. My father is Catholic. My mother is Protestant. I was raised Catholic. I’ve seen it all. I’ve suffered it all. To this day, I am reminded that I am, although greatly loved nonetheless odd, “intensely intense”. I think for myself; so do my parents.

So I’ll go out on a limb to clarify a misgiving that the writer of the article linked above…

Anyone who thinks this “vaccine = freedom” or “vaccine = life” rhetoric is a true “science denier”. The overarching mortality rate was, is, and will always be in this world, 100%. Original Sin demanded that. God’s Mercy declared that (can you imagine the hell of living forever in this passing world, effectively being doomed to fall into sin forever, where “even the just man falls 7 times each day”?).

The bias of this writer does not confirm/harden me in my rejection of the experimental innoculation. I already made up my mind about the so-called “vaccine”.

It never had anything to do with Russia. Nor China (although the Chinese Communist Party and all members of it’s regime need to either truly repent or else ST*U and go away).

It had to do with the tyranny right here in the USA. Oh, the coercion, the peer pressure, the intimidation, the nauseating propaganda (including those condescending and nauseating “reassurances”), making an experimental innoculation be called a “vaccine” and “incentivizing” it (treating our bodies and our minds and our wills and lives as if we were lab rats), etc.

Oh. And the alternative and/or natural remedies and treatments being poo-pooed in the article? They are being shared by me and between others for precisely the same reasons as I listed.

My rejection actually had everything to do with fact-check “misinformation” bots, and censorship, and the throwaway/cancel culture. The same reason is apparently true for the members of my family.

P.S. VAERS is actually underreported… Because of fear of reprisal that doctors and nurses get subjected to when they are being honest and truthful with data. Because there is a regime here. There is a narrative being pushed (and it doesn’t follow real scientific data).

Our rejection of this “medical treatment” still has nothing to do with Russia (would that she finally be consecrated to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart!!!).

Our rejection has everything to do with the USA and other reasons I listed.

Sometimes people think I am a science denier. Well, sometimes I think other people are a reality denier. What do they think about that?

Was the anti-Russian spin based on this below?


If the reason were all about the place of his birth, or place of residence, or his name being “Vladimir”..? That’s xenophobic and “racist” and a blatant denial of science.

Hydroxychloriquine was proven an effective treatment. But all the Orwellian “Big Brother” BigPharma+BigTech narrative cares about is “vaccine this, vaccine that”. Why was the second largest hydroxychloriquine production lab – located in Taiwan (the country that the CCP lately has insisted to the USA to stop defending) – destroyed in an explosion? Because “Big Brother” is here.

You know, I find it funny (the sort of funny someone would laugh about with incensed aggravation). “Big Brother” resurfaces a memory… When I was in high school and being pursued then by Antichrist, I was somewhat accidentally introduced to another feminine spirit named E*****. I sensed a connection between her and Antichrist, having seen her hanging around him in a diminutive form when he had acted like a creep one particular evening, so I decided to later question him about her. He actually told me her name and “She listens to me like a brother, so she won’t hurt you.” Not that I cared about my personal safety, nor was I inclined to rely on him for it… even though in retaliation for his obsessively harassing me I would fault him directly for ever not taking the initiative…. He was obsessed, he was caught setting nasty encounters up in my life just to (1) get my immediate defense distracted and away from me, and (2) for him to intervene; once, he even threatened a ‘curse’ that if it “so much as sneezed” on me he would […] to it. (Really, I see those who criticize me as absolutely clueless and pitiable for it. You really have to be a PITA just to merely cope with the day in and day out and dreamscape harassment – I was 16, there were no resources available to me in/from the Church, and no one except those who experience it can understand it anyway… There was nly one other at the time, and it still wasn’t – shall we say – the healthiest of friendships.) I thought, “Wth is he going on about, I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT. THAT’S NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR! Why should my safety be any concern to him?!… No. No no no no no. Oh God help me, he’s still trying to ‘win me over’… I told him no. WHY! How much longer does this have to go on?! WHAT am I not doing right! … Can I use this?” Well, as things went on, because things go on, E*****, I found, would be lingering around watching me. She would see me praying the Rosary etc. I could tell she was suspicious of me. Upon remembering about how Antichrist threatened the ‘curse’ (and even various mid-tier demons) to keep distance, I wondered if he said similar in the same manner to E*****. Eventually, I learned she actually had unrequited feelings for him. It was not a “like an older brother” sort of listening/obedience. I decided it would be only right to be honest with her that I was never interested, he was the one pursuing, and I was sorry to her that her feelings for him were not reciprocated and her having to watch him being in pursuit of someone else. In a later encounter with Antichrist, I accused him of lying to himself and to me about E*****. He was seen addressing it, but still wouldn’t reciprocate… And I thought “Well, great, that was a fail.”

And so on and on it went. And by it, God has been training me up to respect how necessary resistance is, as well as to resist.

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