The Communist takeover of a Public Library with Law Enforcement in Plain City, Ohio, USA

That was from a video recording by a Croatian pilgrim at Medugorje, of the sun changing shape, in 2018 (my screenshot of the video content)
This is a superimposed image of Our Lady, fitting that shape of the sun.

Do not think that Heaven does not take notice of what transpires here on Earth.

Catholic parents of 7 face jail for placing 2 vax-resistance stickers outside small town library

Let’s review.

The Public Library is public property. It is paid for by the taxes supplied by the constituents/citizens.

There were no damages to any property in what they did. The index card sized messages were removable and would not even leave any residue.

Masks cannot be lawfully mandated upon visitors by the Library, nor its employees, nor the American Library Association itself. It is public property, and discriminating accessibility (it is not about “service”) to members of the general public (by hypocrisy at that) is a violation of the title, function, and purpose of the Public Library.

This is America. Religious Liberty is enshrined here, by and for all people who choose to exercise this privilege. Religious Liberty is not something granted to the satisfaction of those who refuse or neglect to exercise this privilege.

Freemasons are hypocrites. See, within their very own constitution (Anderson’s Constitution of 1723) it states plainly and more than once that Freemasonry is a “universal religion”.

In David L. Gray’s book “The Catholic Catechism on Freemasonry”, page 45, he lays the claim that Freemasonry ‘is a syncretic religion that has subordinated every other religion under itself and refers to each man’s personal god as the polytheistic Grand Architect of the Universe.’

Freemasonry is antithetical to Religious Liberty everywhere because it is antithetical to the integrity of every Religious people.

Our Lady warned about what Freemasonry would do throughout her apparitions, naming Freemasonry – even before it existed – to a hidden cloistered Nun in the 1600s, and again at Fatima Portugal in 1917 within the still-withheld-by-the-Vatican explanation of Our Lady’s 3rd Secret, in the 1980s to a Priest, and to the present day among many Lay Catholic mystics and visionaries.

Pope Paul VI entertained the Freemasons; people believe he was one of them.

Pope John Paul I was assassinated by them.

Pope John Paul II was oppositional to their strongarms of Fascism and Communism (yep, they made them, to manufacture wars and bloodshed for population control, a contradicted sign of Our Lord’s words “Do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing” spoken by Him as relative to Charity), but opened the doors of the Church to their doctrinal syncretic tyranny in 1988 at Assisi.

Pope Benedict XVI adamantly opposed them theologically.

Pope Francis entertains them now, and even prostrates to them, kissing their feet and hands.

Let’s return to what I take away from the way my brothers and sisters, my family in Christ, are being manhandled.

1. I can no longer bring myself to “back the blue” indiscriminately, finding this police officer in the district of Plain City, Ohio to speak and act in an Anti-American attitude and manner – with (for all I know) impunity. I do not know if there have been penalties imposed on him yet. Those words were an expression of treachery against the rights and freedoms enshrined in this country. It merits my disdain and distrust.

So here’s the deal: Your religious beliefs are not going to help you tonight,” responded one of the police officers. “You are trespassing in the library.  If you come back, you’re going to be arrested for trespassing,” he added.

They were there to pick up material they had reserved, which was on hold for them. A 30 second duration. Over masks, when the sign on the library door even stated masks were only encouraged, not required. These Atheistic, bigoted, Communist and Fascist goons working the Public Library and Law Enforcement think they supersede Americans’ Religious Liberty and their access to public property.

That was a direct persecutory remark against all people of the Christian Faith (2 Corinthians 3:18), whether Catholic or not, by the police officer.

I am familiar with good police officers, and appreciate the service they risk their lives to provide to us. Many deserve better support than they are given.

At the same time, disciplinary action and penalties need to be enforced to those who act as Communazis and commit treason against the Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the United States of America, and against those Glozis (Globalists/ Global Socialists) operating in this country who commit treason against our National Sovereignty. I recommend training, and supervised desk work for that duration at the very least.

2. The American Library Association and any Public Libraries who act this way or support the behavior of the Plain City library should receive severe penalties for turning our Public venues into guilds for an elitist, Anti-American, Fascist and Communist ideological promulgation.

3. Keeping powder dry in small matters will not promise its accessibility – nor use – in greater matters. Be faithful and stay true to Christ and the Apostolic Tradition (not any Modernist interpretation of that) in everything, no matter what.

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