Coincidences in visions?

(Original Art c.2015 from a vision of sorts) Better to face an enemy amidst the cosmos while following the Lord Jesus from behind His Cross and while clothed in His Light. You might not see such a foe to make out every detail within the context of such an encounter, but the good thing is that you don’t necessarily need to either. Christ already conquered over sin, death, the world, and all of Hell.
I just found the description quirky. (Book opened August 12, 2021, message content was from 1993.)

From April 13, 2021

Refined again. This time, there were two thrones. However, he was there this time, looking somewhat like a mortal man and somewhat not like one, standing as I stepped up, and stood there smiling gaily and watching me. I held a strong hammer, intending to take it to both thrones, one after the other (what was intended for me was the one on the left, his on the right). While I took it to the one, he surprised me a little and made me feel very suspicious by beginning to break away at the other. Interiorly I sensed he and I were breaking the thrones simultaneously, signifying a new era with extraordinary phenomena of unions on both sides of the field (true complete demonic possession, and living in the Divine Will), but he was breaking his throne faster.

Before he finished breaking his entirely, the scene was refined again. He was there too, this time, looking entirely like a mortal man, smiling at me and acting the ignoramus about what I was surely going to do in that room. I looked at him, and quickly snatched up his crown and removed my own, and threw them both down the dais steps, and they landed at its base. He acted surprised (what a façade!), like he were some innocent spurned lover who could not fathom what had just come over his “wife”. He was of very goodly speech and tried to have guards restrain me of my perceived impulsivity. So I struck him, and grabbed him by his hair and face (using both hands), and made him go down to his knees by force. Then I let go, turned about, and began to push and topple over the two thrones, to break them, as he cried out to me, “No! What are you doing?!?”

In my own experience of vision-harassment on April 13 of this year, his hair was neither long nor short… But nonetheless it was most definitely blond, not brown. (Sorry to the real man whose face I “whitewashed” if you ever see this, no denying you’re a handsome dude but I needed just the hairstyle part of the image for my illustrative purposes.)

Refined again. This time I was summoned again and began at the base of the dais. This time, he was there too, but already seated on his throne, and looking down at me. Gone was any façade to conceal any of his arrogance and self-assured attitude. I did not resist any summons but stepped up and was ready to break those two thrones again. However, this time when I got to the top, I saw that the thrones were not made of stone but of iron and were bolted securely to the floor of the dais. I was at a loss, so I turned to descend again in order to leave, thinking I was going to go retreat, brood, regroup, and then destroy the thrones again. He caught me by the arm before I descended even one step and making me face him, he then used some demonic effort to make me fall unconscious.

 From within my mind, I then rejected what he was doing and playing at then, and it broke and ended there. Had I allowed it to continue, I already know, after having experienced this in piecemeal for years of his doing this sort of thing, for some reason permitted by God in all His impenetrable mystery. My falling unconscious by his hand would not have been to kill me, even though that option would doubtless have crossed his mind. He did not possess me, he knew he did not possess me, and he wanted to.

In 2015, Christ (appearing as Christ the King formally) had insisted to me that I ‘must never bow or prostrate to any other king’. He said He cannot trust a single one to not turn and trample me to death or tear me to pieces. Sometime between 2013 and 2020, He also insisted how important it is that I not accept myself to enter into any position of (worldly-temporal and/or temporal-spiritual) authority. And in 2013 St Raphael insisted to me that I must have nothing whatsoever to do with Communism, stating it would rob me of my crown of thorns and crown of salvation.

The ‘irony’ of the times in which I am living and am continually being subjected to endure, just… It makes me sigh. And groan in lament.

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