Spiritual Warfare

Two evenings ago (today is Wednesday, August 4, 2021), once I prostrated to Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, Antichrist threatened the Church to me, that for every act of adoration, reverence, devotion, worship etc that I give to Christ, he would effect more destruction against the Church and the Sacraments.

Prior to his threat, but earlier that day (see image below), seen after this

I responded to Antichrist’s threat in three ways:

  1. I made another prostration to Christ both to preemptively make reparation to Him, and to further aggravate Antichrist. (I’m not going to let myself be burdened with taking or trying to take responsibility for Antichrist’s choices/actions. He’s a liar even when he says something true, because he’d betray anyone and everyone on a mere whim. My cooperation would be a sin of pride – both despair and presumption – and only further enable/embolden him and further deceive myself; he would do it anyway, either with me aware or not aware, so really he can go suck a rotten egg.)
  2. I told Antichrist that he can do whatever God allows him to do, but to not expect anything he does to succeed in either stopping me or winning me over.
  3. I appealed to Sts Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, my Guardian Angel, and the Holy Angels and Saints – and Our Lady and St Joseph – to oppose Antichrist in what he seeks to implement and effect.

The Holy Archangels had, days prior, given me their pledge of aiding me in anything, in “their own initiative” (meaning I had not requested that of them in particular).

After I made my request, I perveived them presenting their appeal before God on His Throne, and His gesturing a granting.

It should not be presumed upon. This morning, I witnessed the Eucharist thrown upon to the floor, trampled upon by him and some soldiers (who were wearing a lot of black, like SWAT – I did not notice a logo, I was otherwise preoccupied), and then vacuumed up and thrown away. It was a blue-gray carpet.

At this, I promised him that I would crush his head. So he put his head under my feet. I knew better, though. Any violence from me would receive wild gruesome retaliation, which he would be permitted to enact against others even if not myself (he knows my propensity to try to provoke him, his hitting me would do nothing for his goals – he knows God will reply 1000 fold relative to souls at the least if he harms me directly; he’s clueless about the consequences of harming me indirectly, and his arrogance won’t let him go without revenge). I moved my foot off of his head myself, and turned away from him, although he spent time taunting me for my “not following through”. (He’s a real dork sometimes. There’s more than one means available.)

After that ended, I could overhear some discussion between Antichrist and the Devil (either Seraph or Cherub, but probably Seraph). Apparently Antichrist really is referred to as “son” by them, which surprised me, because it speaks a revelation about his nature (no, not at all referring to supposed “nephilim”) which had been undeciferable to me because tried as I might I was never able to pin it down. Suddenly, my having mistaken him for being a seraph etc when I was in high school – when I was being subject to daily harassment of all sorts by him – made a lot more sense.
The Devil was warning, scolding Antichrist, that he should not have done/said that to me, and reminded him that if he wants to have any chance to actually win me over he’s supposed to be trying to court me, not (I do not remember the exact word used here) me.

Well, Jesus spoke true when I asked Him about them back in 2018, He “accused” them to me, revealing they had been grooming me.

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