Pre-planned conspiracies, not theories: Antichrist’s spies in and sent forth from the Vatican

Vatican sources: Pope Francis will use ‘spy system,’ left-wing cardinal to suppress Traditional Latin Mass

It is not fake news. This Pope presents like a lamb and acts like a dragon.

The Pope cannot do legitimately, licitly, validly what he just pronounced in TC. Word among us is that this is foreshadowing, and another is that it is a smokescreen (which is a visible pattern of behavior from the Vatican).

The Pope is not an absolute monarch, he is the chief steward of the stewards, and chief Prince of the Princes. There is only one King and one High Priest – Christ the King.

The Pope should beware of what Jesus warns can be visited upon him as in the Gospels. (Luke 12)

I wish those “spies” were being sent for the sake of undercover reporting to get the Truth and to effect a “just judgment between us and our adversary”, but we know that love for the Truth is not what the Vatican is about now.

We have those who grew up under Communism in Poland and Germany with us, we know this sort of behavior is to be expected.

We as Catholics also have a living memory of the old Roman Empire sending spies to observe and report about our Rites and communities and identities.

So… Good luck finding us all. Many are totally committed and not “registered” anywhere. We are even excitedly planning about this with an eager anticipation. We can go many and any number of routes to do our part in preserving Tradition and the Identity of the True Church, can protect Orders and Communities and “groups” and can secure the lives etc of Clergy ourselves if need be.
Push us underground, pay the price with your life as collateral in the hands of those who hate you – push us underground, and you pay the price with your immortal soul. That’s what will result for you Hierarchs for cutting yourselves off from us. Offended? Get used to it. Y’all are so relativistic that you might as well be consistent with it. So get used to your feelings and your Antichrist-lords being offended. The cowardly neither get to truly live, nor do they get to become martyrs professing Christ.

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