Stars (and Swasticas) and Stripes – Masks and Wristbands

“Just put on the star and stop complaining. It’s really not that hard.” 

“Just put on the mask and stop complaining. It’s really not that hard.”

“Just go get the shot and stop complaining. It’s really not that hard.”

“Just put on the wristband and stop complaining. It’s really not that hard.”

Nazi (National Socialist) is as Nazi does. Glozi (Global Socialist) is as Glozi does. Still treating redeemed, lovable and healthy human beings like parasites and cancer, ~80 years later. Welcome to the USSA?

P.S. Fully-vaccinated people still spread Covid, and still get Covid. It is much like when someone uses hand sanitizer to excess, the alcohol content is marketed as eliminating bad bacteria, but also gets rid of good bacteria and ‘trains’ the bad bacteria (germs) to mutate. Nature happens, folks. Natural medicines are better than Big Pharma synthetic ones (the latter are usually toxic, to create more problems in order to offer more solutions, just to line their pockets with their greed – Rockefeller-Carnegie made a doozie of a destructive spell here in America). 

People need to stop trying to play God, because when we do we only ever make everything worse for ourselves and everyone else. Sin has the rippling effect of inflicting and effecting trauma, and imposing death beyond what we are capable of comprehending when we give in to a temptation (including temptation to sinful fear/despair), and is never ever a “private” matter. The Sacrament of Reconciliation removes the guilt that would cause us to throw ourselves into Hell at our particular judgment standing before Christ (faced with all the occasions when we chose anything else besides Him), but does not eliminate the temporal punishment that is due the sin we committed. If people do not start taking the salvation of their soul seriously and take measures to eliminate their vices and amend their lives, their souls will be lost – damned, by their own willing – for not taking up their cross (which is to follow Our Lord faithfully according to what it means to be Obedient to God, not to man or government etc) in this life. 

Franz Jaeggerstader (Husband, Father, Martyr, a Saint Beatified and on the way to full Canonization)

Franz Jägerstätter (20 May 1907 – 9 August 1943) From 1938 on, Franz Jägerstätter told the story of a dream that he had about a train. It was a beautiful train – attractive especially to the youth that streamed toward it.
Excerpt below

The value of reading about it in Letters and Writings from Prison is getting its full account through Franz Jägerstätter’s own vivid telling, his interpretation, and his analysis of the political and religious situation within which the imagery of the dream may be contextualized.

“I saw [in a dream] a wonderful train as it came around a mountain. With little regard for the adults, children flowed to this train and were not held back. There were present a few adults who did not go into the area. I do not want to give their names or describe them. Then a voice said to me, ‘This train is going to hell.’ Immediately, it happened that someone took my hand, and the same voice said to me; ‘Now we are going to purgatory.’ What I glimpsed and perceived was fearful. If this voice had not told me that we were going to purgatory, I would have judged that I had found myself in hell.”

For Franz Jägerstätter, the train symbolizes National Socialism with all of its suborganizations and programs (the National Socialist Public Assistance Program, Hitler Youth, etc). As he puts it, “the train represents the National Socialist Volk community and everything for which it struggles and sacrifices.” He remembers that just prior to having this dream, he had read that 150,000 young Austrian people had joined Hitler Youth. He recounts, sadly, that the Christians of Austria had never donated as much money to charitable organizations as they now donated to Nazi party organizations. He realized that it wasn’t really the money that the Nazis were after, it was the souls of the Austrian people: You were either with the Fuhrer or you were nothing. Upon this realization, Franz Jägerstätter writes, “I would like to cry out to the people aboard the National Socialism train: ‘Jump off this train before it arrives at your last stop where you will pay with your life!’”

His admonition to “jump off the train” is one that must be heard and acted upon, perhaps never more so than today.

In France, Macron demands you give up your freedom and get vaccinated for him. He asks what is your freedom worth to you?

The answer should be “Our immortal souls.”

So, regards to him and all the others, say:

“If you speak or act to tempt people to give up their freedom for this tyranny in this life, you will spend eternity under Satan’s tyranny after this life.”

And as Jesus once said to me:

“Ask the Devil,

‘What do you possess that you can give in sacrifice to the Christ of God in order to purchase for yourself from Him the right and just claim to me and my virginity? Do you have anything of equal or greater substance and merit to even a single drop of His Precious Blood shed upon the Cross for sinners, while He yet spent Himself entirely? Do you honestly think sacrificing your entire kingdom even could ever suffice to the Blood of Christ?’


December 27, 2019

The Feast of St John the Apostle

(Just replace the word “virginity” with “freedom” in the above quote, and apply it.)

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