Manufactured Wars, Inflation, Taxation

Throughout the comments on YouTube, I noticed a slew of remarks mocking women for first and second wave feminism, for calling out for equality, as if feminazism were all that exists. I couldn’t but assume these fellows were not even associating with women, because most of them were acting like trolls (or whiny boys who just want to throw stones and complain about something, throw an accusation here or there). So I decided to respond:

If men were truly doing what they were supposed to be doing as men, women would have been happy and would not have been so susceptible to buying into the Marxist lie of Feminism. Ain’t that just a kick in the pants…

And had the Bishops consecrated Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1917 when She came to Fatima, Portugal and requested it done, Communism would never have taken root in Russia and would never have spread everywhere else.

Just like had the Church AND SECULAR powers-that-be in Poland listened and obeyed Christ’s revelatory request to consecrate Poland to Him under the title Christ the King (c.f. Rosalia Zelkova), the day of their fulfillment-or-refusal, they chose to ignore/deny Him, and that very day Hitler invaded Poland. Our Lord had promised them and all theirs protection, they rejected it, and made that choice of rejection for everyone under their natural and ecclesial authority. They got a true anti-Christ to lord himself over them instead. They chose to subjugate themselves under the rule of the Masonic sects through which Satan had dominated almost the whole world of the 19th and 20th centuries (which Our Lady told a Nun in the 1600s in Quito Equador, before Freemasonry even existed, naming it as what would be).

Times/circumstances have not changed.

These evils happen because people prefer to follow themselves and their own thinking (Luciferian idolatry) rather than consult and conform to God’s. It’s because of sin. Quit being so blind. It’s not women calling for equality who are the problem.

Folks want an easy comfortable life, one that will land them in Hell by complacency mind you, so they go along with whatever is at play or flexes at them. To take up your cross actually requires you to be faithful to Christ and to the duties in the state of life to which He (not the State etc) obliges or calls you to fulfill, and better to obey God rather than man.

Anyone who thinks they are innocent are the farthest from there, and I hope you will exercise prudence and charity and not mock those who raise their voices in protest and defiance against such a thing (or you really are a fool yourself). Because serving a Socialist etc agenda even “under orders” is still a scandal and puts souls on the train to Hell and plays a very deadly game even with your own. What we should be doing is actually banding together against it (the Socialist M.O.s), regardless of what we want to speculate caused/effected it. It’s objectively morally evil.

(I.E. As someone else speculated: They cannot decimate the human population to the controllable number of their liking by contraception or abortion or LGBTQ etc, so they will re-manufacture a war and send women/girls into it, and then more easily further dehumanize and enslave the remaining.)

After what St Raphael said to me, that I must have nothing to do with Communism? Again, better to obey God rather than man.

Me personally? I would sooner let myself be put in front of a firing squad than put myself or see my friends into a war manufactured by the Masonic sects (through which Satan has dominated the Secular field and much of the Ecclesiastical hierarchy in the 19th and 20th centuries) and their Globalist paid-actor/actress despots to further serve their agenda.

But it is up to each individual to discern how they would best fight this. Some vocal, some information and reconnaissance, for some an open defensive war, for some a martyrdom (spreading the seed of Faith). But always with Jesus and Mary.

But inflation is close to 20%, and gas is close to 50%. So they give you a raise, and then they can just cut your pay, or tax you to fund their genocidal “Population Control” agenda. Too many humans? The total population in this country could fit in the State of Texas alone and everyone would have a yard. Too many humans? No. Too many greedy “world leaders”. Don’t buy their snake oil – don’t even listen to them preach it. They’re
But she wants to dictate to American women that they must pay their taxes and in so doing pay for the shedding of innocent blood anf the slaughter of innocent human life..? Hypocrite. Saul zealously persecuted Christ under misgivings about Him and out of fear for the loss of Jewish tradition. Miracle conversions can happen.
However… Sometimes they do not. Like the story Jesus told of a conversation between the rich man and Abraham, where if his family does not even believe what Moses taught, neither would they be convinced and turned were they to witness someone raised from the dead to tell them they must depart from their sinful ways.

Pelosi is indifferent to innocence and practically lusts for the shedding of innocent blood so much so that she would pay for it to be done worldwide, like a Whore mentioned in Rev 17 but worse (the Whore mentioned is the World itself, but Pelosi is a Baptized immortal soul who is squandering and rejecting grace, plunging herself to Hell, and taking billions and trillions upon trillions with her; she thinks it is acceptable to shed innocent blood and kill innocent human life, and with cheating laborers of their earned wages too, and will somehow NOT spend eternity in Hell for it).

She will burn in Hell right next to Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Ginsberg is there over abortion and impurity (and the absence of repentance and conversion unto Christ), she was promoting pederasty by trying to lower the “age of sexual consent” down to 12.
I saw her there in Hell, in smoke and fire in a very dark place, and heard her wails, out of the blue while driving home very shortly after she died (I was passing through […] Rd south of […] at the time, and had just passed […] CC and […] HS and made the sign of the Cross to reverence the Most Blessed Sacrament in passing by).

They’ll be there, howling and screaming in the smoke and fire, cursing and blaspheming God (in the perpetuation of having willfully rejected taking up one’s cross and following Him in this life), at the rate she is going.

Justice demands restitution, and God’s Justice is certainly no exception to that. Confession (a good Confession, that is) removes guilt due the sin, but the temporal punishment remains yet unaccounted for…

What do you think awaits the world and those inhabiting it, to accessorize and fund the shedding of innocent blood and killing of innocent human life?

She is not even remotely CHRISTIAN, but in the sight of the Lord has made herself into a desolating abomination.

And woe the more to any shepherds who deceive the sheep.

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