The “experimental shot-to-death agenda vs Humanity and the unvaccinated” demands temporal punishment

The deaths caused by the vaccine outnumber those caused by the virus, yet it is not pulled but rather pushed the more ferociously onto people. Population Control idiots (ideologues, activists, advocates) fail to calculate just how fast they’ll lose all control, or else don’t care just how much it’ll all backfire on themselves…
3 Days of Darkness pending… When it comes, then demons will infest the earth and take many lost souls to Hell with them… And then everyone who survives that is going to feel the desolation of human lives throughout the whole world – like the Egyptians did after the last of the 10 plagues, but on a much larger scale, sparing none of the faithless and disobedient of those terrible days. That’s what happens when you worship a created self and kill GOD’S children, no matter where they are to be found. Justice comes demanding restitution for a crime that cannot be paid by anyone except God Himself – the Source and Author of Life. But will these wretched folks even repent and convert at all..?

Published by endallwar8894

Just a little Catholic living a hidden multidimensional life.

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