Pope Francis and “Traditionis Custodes” (Complete)

At first, when I typed this up (not the parts in italics), I had asked if I may share it with others. I was told no, and to give to my spiritual director only. I had asked. Yesterday, however, I was instructed by my Spouse to publish this in full (for the abridged, see previous blog post mentioning “World Leaders“). He insisted that it is important the people be warned of the true state of affairs and of our current Pope and his behaviors.

(I doubt he would ever see these contents; I had even sent both him and Abp Roche a copy of my Open Letter on my main page here, snail mail, on June 7, 2021, warning them of the danger in waging war against God. Pope Francis – by himself or by those he works with who are influencing him – is become like an antichrist in this, targeting faithful Priests like Antichrist does and would: over the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, pushing a false “ecumenism” and a false “unity” as liturgical uniformity, and notably without correcting the liturgical and Eucharistic abuses so prevalent worldwide within the utility of the Novus Ordo Missae and without correcting those who procure and commit those abuses/sacrileges. It is very darksome, sad and disturbing.)



Here it goes…

A vision about Pope Francis involving Mother Mary:

This was prior to the lockdown, prior to Covid. I was scandalized, and was being demonically obsessed against him, and it reached a fever pitch of temptation in my imagination to address him privately but at the same time also at gunpoint. A “scenario” occurred within my imagination.

We Christians had been tormented relentlessly and forced underground – I blamed him for that.

I had been able to confront him (PF) a few times…. though I had a gun with blessed bullets and carved cross on the back end of them. At one point I shot a bullet onto his pillow before fleeing, at another I shot it into the ceiling over his bed before fleeing (think David to Saul). The last occasion, I had the gun pointed at him in close quarters, and he oddly ordered the Swiss Guard to back down and not escalate it. I thought by then that it would take his being face-to-face with the immediacy of his own death and a witness to those who were traumatized by his actions/inaction and Peronist style speech to get him to see the error of his ways, face the music, and last-ditch-hope ‘save his soul’. I was absolutely desperate. But then something came over me. I turned my gaze in that room from the Pope to the right, at the far wall. It was made of stone bricks, and there were a couple poles or slight pillars that reinforced the ceiling.

Our Lady appeared.  I was the only one who could see her though, but I suspect others, Pope Francis including, sensed something to some extent, because of the dramatic change in my demeanor; I had turned to “look at a wall”, knelt down, and put the gun down on the floor saying “Yes, Mama.” with a happy expression.

Nothing mattered except that she was there – even any self-defense concern (I was there with a gun and so was the Swiss Guard) was wholly eliminated. The Swiss guard was told to stand down.

There was another cleric in black with him in this room. Clericals, but not a cassock, he had dark salt-and-pepper hair, medium build (not lean, not obese).

The apparition of her was unlike anything before. Her dress was simple but beautiful and elegant, it shimmered with light. It was white, but more elaborate than what I was used to imagining. She wore a sort of waist sash that almost looked like gauze, and it was flattened and stitched along the skirt of her dress. With each movement, it was impossible to tell what color the sash/apron was because it shimmered between blue and pink.

Her arms were extended (like Our Lady of Grace) but more in front of her than beside, and she was forming stars and suns of various sizes and lights. She seemed to be in the act of creating new stars and planets/worlds at her fingertips, and these cosmic bodies would upon completion seem to dance around her. Her expression was one of profound peace and love.

Our Lord to either St Faustina or to Luisa Piccarreta, said that the souls of Religious were adorned with His Light to shine like stars, and those of Priests and Bishops (aka the Clergy) to shine like suns. They were adorned thus in order to lead souls to their Salvation in Him… A thought came to me recently that with all of these Consecrated souls, suffering that True Light obscured by the anthropomorphic faithlessness of the darksome Anti-Church, effecting so much degradation within Consecrated Religious and this through communities of Religious under their leadership/governance… The abuse in Religious communities is off the charts. The speculated “good ones” unfortunately commonly operate like cults behind closed doors, and are terribly worldly with hoops to jump through to those who strive to discern their vocation with them (my experience can attest to that bit). Rare indeed is there a healthy community with a spiritually healthy Religious Superior (I personally know of only one in this country, doesn’t mean others do not exist). Some of the worst are run as sex trafficking rings. And so the effects of these Consecrated souls, stuck in the miry swamp, to others discerning, can become like that of a black hole.

She told me something she wished me to relay to the “Pope” (the quotation marks is not disrespect; because this took place in my imagination, I do not know if this were intended for a direct written or spoken missive).

First she said, “The Atheist needs to leave” and we had no idea who the Atheist was that she was referring to. Even because of my behavior I was actually a bit worried that she was referring to me – I mean, I did just point a gun at the Pope. She didn’t grant me a consolation of reassurance, but peace remained.

Then she bade me to ask him, “Why do you not believe my son?” But she said it in such a way that I could not at all distinguish whether she meant it as “Why do you not believe My Son?” or “Why do you not believe, my son?”

I was afraid to ask the Pope this. Like, what was I going to be insinuating? What if he did not understand? What if I would be interrogated and not be able to answer anything? What if I answer questions wrong? Is she really calling the Pope an atheist? Why would she say this, or want me to say this to him? Does he not know Our Lady? (I actually hate misunderstandings.) But she insisted, and so I did. And then he went to his knees and wept. I do not know why myself personally.

Upon being released from this imagination-scape scene, I was released interiorly and exteriorly of any temptation to regard Pope Francis as anything less or lower than a spiritual son of Our Lady by her own consideration. The question of any “valid election and/or ongoing papacy” etc surrounding him still means nothing to me. This is not to say that I never felt unhinged again afterward, but after this I had something I could put my trust in and recover by.

However, after I was released from the scene that had imposed upon my imagination and spread to penetrate through my faculties, my passions remained suspended (or ordered perfectly) just as it was the very moment Our Lady entered the overpowering scene.


Minute reflection:

I do my best to focus on regarding Pope Francis as Our Lady communicated about him to me with such pity and deep sorrow on account of his sin. “My son”. I was being afflicted by unrelenting demonic obsession (the real kind, the one that seeks to drive one to violence and to rationalize bloodshed) even when I was physically present at Perpetual Adoration, and Our Lady delivered me herself.

But I will not spare the warning bells from being rung and the trumpets sounded.

God is to be first served. His Commandments are to be obeyed before all else, even if that all else comes from the mouth of the Pope. God is perpetually immaculate, impeccable, infallible – the Pope, God’s blessing and mercy upon him, is not perpetually any of these. I recommend amping up our being in the state of grace and praying all the more deeply for Pope Francis, because he *is* in a very very bad state/perilous position.

It is wholly true that the Pope, no matter who he is, is the one who holds back the Evil one. Pope Francis is not the actual “False Prophet”, but much of his weakness and fault and sin does reflect that horror yet to come, and a few things (including the resignation of PBXVI and the Pachamama/Amazonian Synod and Assisi debacles) have very unfortunately opened the door wider to the demons, but it has not thrown it open entirely. In the transcript of Annaleise Michele’s exorcism sessions, the demons admitted their plans to overtake the office of the Pope. Not by suppression, as Napoleon and Hitler did, but eliminate the Pope entirely, to murder him. Remember the vision of the Bishop in white, and once he was killed by a multitude after climbing to the Cross (a sign of repentance) over a mountain of corpses, the Angel with the flaming sword would punish the whole world. And only by the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, to take place after the worst of the Tribulation period, would the fires from his sword be stopped from striking the earth and its inhabitants… Only after such grave penances, a new era of peace would begin. We should not run headlong and act/speak with such wild, bestial abandon.


For the record, thus far not a single apparition of either side (holy or fallen) has communicated anything to me directly to the positive or to the negative about Vatican II Council, valid or invalid Papacies, praying with Protestants (I already don’t worship God in the context of Protestant ritual at all – not even *after Sunday Obligation* anymore – because I simply prefer to worship where Jesus Is), reading different translations of the Bible, etc.


First in timeline order of experiences revolving around our current Pontiff is the vision, whether of then-present or else of the then-future:

Back in 2013 I experienced a vision. I do not know if it was so immediate then, or if it had been of a yet-to-come nature. I was like a floating spectator in the walls of the Vatican throughout this experience. (This was not an experience of an interactive nature, but much like something else I experienced by my Guardian Angel on June 20, 2013 – but this time I was “by myself”, there was no external commentary.)

The room, wherever it was, was well-illumined.

The Pope walked through the large west doors into this room. It was large, and very elaborately decorated. A woman was waiting for him in this room. They greeted and talked casually for a moment.

The woman had shoulder length (or shoulderblade-length) blond hair, and looked like she were a secretary. She wore a blue skirt suit with matching pointy-toed heels. She carried papers on a clipboard with her (that I couldn’t see).

The both of them were waiting to meet someone, the lady to introduce the Pope to this visitor.

The large east doors opened, and in walked (how I perceived him) the spectral figure of a man completely cloaked in smoke and shadow.

The woman was very clearly star struck. But they both voluntarily prostrated to him.

Only this year (2020/1) did I learn who this woman was, after an image surfaced of her and many others with Pope Francis in a group-photo:

Her name is Lynn Forester de Rothschild. And now they are working together on an “inclusive capitalism” program…


April 13, 2021 (This is part 2 – and during 7pm Mass – of an “interactive” experience; if it is interactive like this, in my case, it is generally a direct inquiry/testing from a demon)

The scene begins with me standing in an open room, a sort of privatized public forum, as if taking in my surroundings, surveying, exploring and studying. The room was very well lighted, both naturally and artificially.

There was a small, round aluminum patio bistro table stationed against a wall, with two matching ornate chairs. On the table sat a modest ~6-inch clear glass vase with yellow and white flowers* in it as a centerpiece.

(Yellow and white flowers… The colors of the Roman Papal flag. Obviously he was/is intending the Chair of St Peter in particular to be a point of exclusive disputation.)

Antichrist was standing casually some 2-4 yards away, watching me thoughtfully (he was oddly quiet). He finally said to me, but almost as if musing aloud to himself, “I know you would not let yourself go inside, let alone near my borders except to try to undo it from within.”

(Reflecting back, I know he chose his words carefully, even with that misogynistic haughty air. The hint of the threat of what he intends was not lost on me.)

I bore such enmity toward him that I wouldn’t respond for a while, but eventually I was able to force out, “If so, that will have its appointed time… We shall see.”

The scene ended.


Pope Francis is not the Antichrist. But the deep hypocrisy in the things he does versus the things he actually says nonetheless reflect the influence of Antichrist on him and his decisions. Like Our Lord said, “Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no; anything else is from the evil one.” Sometimes, even the Pope’s stated intentions, like those in Pope Francis’ accompanying letter to Bishops, in which he laments the liturgical abuses, after the pattern of syncretism from his direct actions (Abu Dhabi Document signing, Amazonian Synod which included his equating a bowl of Pachamama dirt with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on the Altar, etc) without public retractions and public penance and re-consecration, all appear empty words. Perhaps he is undergoing a conversion about that, or not – we can never tell either way with him, or most any of the Bishops. We’re sick to death of the hypocrisy and the theatrical optics.

In Article 4 of the Motu Proprio “Traditionis Custodes” (which can be literally translated as the “Jailors of the Tradition” as much as Guardians of the Tradition), there is a promise of future danger for the lives of Priests. Antichrist actually persecutes the Priests more than anything else of the Catholic Church, while the Devils tend to target more the Bishops themselves. What did Communism do? Target the Priests. What did Socialism do? Aim to reshape the whole Church through objectifying and utilizing the Bishops in their Office of Apostolic authority.

The USCCB has so much to answer to God for their having declared to us that we all have a moral responsibility/obligation to take the Covid experimental innoculation – we actually have no such obligation of any kind relative to medical treatment.

There is legal language in the document, in Article 4, while “should” does not obligate a Bishop to be required to pass along a request nor any identifying information of any Priest. Nonetheless, the request of inquiry promises a threat. The danger is in the forming of a list of Tradition-minded Clerics, which will (like Msgr Montini – who went on to become Cardinal Montini and then Pope Paul VI – did to the KGB) be passed along to the Socialist regime, who will then remove and eliminate them. It looks very likely to be what Cardials (ex)McCarrick and Parolin etc did in the Vatican-China Deal. The same persecution resulted, and the human regime “chattel” – servants of the M.O. of Devils and Antichrist – are nothing if not consistent in ideological pattern and manner of their masters in the spiritual realm.

There needs developed a safe network formed by people of good will for Priests, Deacons, and Seminarians who revere Tradition, especially for any of those who will be trained and ordained after the Motu Proprio. Better to be prepared than to omit the good that could prove necessary in even more dire circumstances.

Just like how, one day, innocent Protestants will potentially need to be sheltered – and Traditional Catholics – by those of the mainstream Novus Ordo, in order to survive a particular wave of persecution launched from within the Vatican. I will explain.

The Devils and Antichrist are trying to shape “Rome” to be the icon of the Great Whore. They were grooming me on an individual level, though Our Lord and Lady rescued me (because I wanted delivered from the Devils and Antichrist by God and to love Christ) more than once.

Too many profoundly degenerate characters have been promoted into high offices, and this pattern of promoting the most obscene hypocrites possible has not ceased. God will never be on the side of the unjust.

Our Lady of LaSallete said, to Melanie and Maximin, while weeping copiously “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist.” We cannot say we were not warned from Heaven directly.

A little side-step back onto trajectory, to illustrate it better.

Hitler was an oligarch-Socialist (but who are we kidding, every secular philosophy regards human beings/human lives as products and property of the State in some or all manner; all of them are Luciferian, perfect for morons however cunning they are suggested to be or have been). A witness – one of many through history and of an increasing measure today – of how far an elected/unelected world leader falls into degeneracy and vicious evil when he or she casts off in mind and disregards conformity of their life to the True Catholic Faith, cutting oneself off from God’s grace.

Allegedly, the document “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” prompted his anti-semitism. Even were it a falsified document (which I do not believe, despite what Russian researchers claim, I think it’s legit – c.f. Revelation 3 “synagogue of Satan”) of the time, it was a leaked program of intentions.

Just so, with the “Alta Vendita” (legitimate document all the way, the fruits have been seen and recorded).

Reasonably too “The Extreme Oath of Induction” (perhaps not yet).

There are those involved in “secret” sects (NOT Catholic) whose goal is to manufacture war and bloodshed, mass human sacrifice. As if Abortion and the rest of Population Control activism were not enough for them, right? (*Ahem* UN, EU, Bill Gates, Fauci, Soros, Davos, WHO, etc *ahem*). Then they scapegoat and gaslight everyone they can to try to obfuscate the truth of their evil works.

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