Distinguishing the Tridentine Rite from “one of many”

I see people in comments sections on YouTube etc promote the TLM as if the Tridentine Rite were “one of many valid rites” in the Church.

I want to speak to this error. (P.S. I am not denigrating the Eastern Catholic Rites, of which there are many.)

The Tridentine Rite (TLM) is THE Rite of the Roman Catholic Church. It holds primacy over all the other Rites in the Church, including that of the “New Mass”.

It alone professes only and all three Sacred Languages – Latin, Hebrew and Greek – in the Mass itself. No other Rite in the Church does this.

Latin is the language of the Roman Catholic Church. Latin is the language of the Church in Rome.

Every evangelization on the part of Catholics points to Rome.

Rome is the site of the martyrdom of St Peter, and where his body is located to this very day.

Rome is where St Catherine of Siena commanded the Pope to return to from his “See ‘retreat'” in Avignon, France.

Rome is the site of the mystical Chair of St Peter, from which nothing heretical can be declared (thus, the site of the True Magisterium of the ENTIRE Catholic Church).

There have been Popes who have tried to declare heresy “ex cathedra”, and have died suddenly upon their attempt, before they could succeed.

Nowadays, it is fashionable to declare heresy “off the cuff” as it were, since to do so cannot effect any binding upon the rest of the members of Holy Mother Church, and cannot oblige submission, conformity, or a shell of obedience thereto from us.

Yet so many submit themselves and try to submit others to this outward show of virtue-signalling (and erroneously false) in their man-made construct of Obedience. God deliver us!

By the way, none of what was declared in the documents promulgated from the Second Vatican Council was ever dogmatically defined, and hence is also not binding, certainly not on pain of sin from cautious “resistance” and further scrutiny.

So… It is right that ALL Catholics unite in defense of the Traditional Latin Mass (the Tridentine Rite), and the freedom of the Priests to celebrate it, and to do so without any constraint of a “test of loyalty to (de Chardin’s, ahem) ‘spirit of Vatican 2′” placed upon their conscience by the Bishops (including the Bishop of Rome).

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