PART 2 – Apocalyptic Parallels, Israel/Jerusalem and the “post-Vatican II Conciliar Church”

When the ancients of Israel clamored for a earthly king so that they could resemble their neighboring kingdoms, they were rejecting God as their King. They did this again to Christ, that even while they celebrated Him as king and processed Him into and through Jerusalem, they were rejecting God – and so He wept over Jerusalem for not knowing the time of her visitation, and all that was to befall her for her darksomeness, and within a week they condemned Him to death.

(1 Samuel 8:1-9) ‘And it came to pass when Samuel was old, that he appointed his sons to be judges over Israel. Now the name of his firstborn son was Joel: and the name of the second was Abia, judges in Bersabee. And his sons walked not in his ways: but they turned aside after lucre, and took bribes, and perverted judgment. Then all the ancients of Israel being assembled, came to Samuel to Ramatha.

‘And they said to him: “Behold thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: make us a king, to judge us, as all nations have.”

‘And the word was displeasing in the eyes of Samuel, that they should say: Give us a king, to judge us. And Samuel prayed to the Lord. And the Lord said to Samuel: “Hearken to the voice of the people in all that they say to thee. For they have not rejected thee, but me, that I should not reign over them. According to all their works, they have done from the day that I brought them out of Egypt until this day: as they have forsaken me, and served strange gods, so do they also unto thee. Now therefore hearken to their voice: but yet testify to them, and foretell them the right of the king, that shall reign over them.” 

Anthropomorphic/Modernist “Catholics” have done and are still doing the same.

Who is like unto God? Or, rather, who among the ecclesiastical Freemason hierarchs in the Church, in fact pretending to be “Catholic“, has presumed to be His counsellor, to dare do this evil thing? You cannot be a Liberal and be a Catholic – Liberalism is a heresy and a sin. Neither can you vote Democrat and be a Catholic/Christian or a Jew – the Democratic Party is the equivalent of Herod the Great who ordered the massacre of the innocents (infants) in a bid for power, the same as Pharaoh Seti did in the time of Moses.

How did this even happen? What was the ultimate result?

Exorcists who have been in this ministry know the duration-until-deliverance has gotten exhausting, and those who suffer ignorance from the Chanceries and local Bishops should pay double attention to the first “expression” listed. Look well and see the principle cause of our torments and our being driven to suicide – it is the fault of “the Church”. That “reconciliation with the world” is also a major doozy, because now demons and the Freemasonic sects and Marxist organizations are trying to turn the Catholic Church into the Great Whore of Revelation 13. How unfortunate that there are such stupid prelates even today, but it is about those that Jesus said to me on December 10, 2021 ‘The hierarchy in the Church have much to answer for… They continually spurn those who love them and go to revelries with those who hate them.’

There are those in the Church and especially the hierarchy who take issue with “traditionalist” Catholics holding to the Tridentine Rite exclusively, claiming we are “rigid”. These people don’t even associate with us except to smear our character, our Catholic Faith and our witness to that Faith. They can call us rigid. After all…

(Matthew 11:16-17) ‘But whereunto shall I esteem this generation to be like? It is like to children sitting in the market place. Who crying to their companions say: “We have piped to you, and you have not danced: we have lamented, and you have not mourned.”‘

The issue underneath it all is that we are real rather than fake.

The 2nd Vatican Council and the “post-conciliar Church” is the Christian equivalent to the children of Israel having rejected God as king. The Freemasonic hierarchs and those who conspired with them did this to us, the Church, and the world. They made an anthropomorphic (no longer Christocentric) “New Mass” and narcissistic secular humanist “Catholic culture”, an utterly idolatrous (adulterous) civilization wallowing in its own filth.

The Israelites (save only a few) rejected the True Messiah, the One foretold from the time of Moses (who tradition suggests composed the record of the Book of Genesis) who comes in the name of the Lord, and just like that they rejected God – precisely as their ancestors had done when they clamored to be given an earthly king.

Our Lord said that there are some who call themselves Jews but are not, and rather are of the Synagogue of Satan (c.f. Revelation 1-4).

Our Lord prophesied at their rejecting Him that they would accept one who comes in his own name (that is, the Antichrist) (c.f. John 5:43).

Yet even among Christ’s own disciples, He asked them, “When the Son of Man comes again, will he find faith on earth?” (C.f. Luke 18:8)

The Church sought “reconciliation with the World” in the Council of Vatican 2 – in fact, that Council was convened by Pope John XXIII in 1960 for precisely that.

Among one of the things that Pope John XXIII is most known for among “traditionalist” social circles is for disobeying and defying Our Mother Mary’s instructions to then-Sister Lucia in his choosing to not publish the full message of the Third Secret of Fatima in 1960, saying “This is not for my pontificate”. He is also on record referring to the visionaries of Fatima as “prophets of doom” and scoffing at them – scoffing at the messengers and of their source, Our Lady, and her dire messages for our times and those of the Church on earth. Misunderstanding? Misinterpretation?

Pope Paul VI, working with (one might even say “accompanying“) Communists and Freemasons both within and outside the Church throughout his Clerical life, concluded the Council of Vatican II.

The results speak for themselves.

Does anyone still question anymore?

The “Catholic Church” (some call it the Church Establishment, or the Church of Nice, there’s a list of names I’m sure) has rejected Christ Her Spouse to try to live in favor with the World (and this naturally spreads to living in favor of the Flesh and the Devil too).

The “Catholic Patriotic Church” in China is part of the Freemasonic Anti-Church network that has already existed. So is the Novus Ordo – one only has to research just a little to find Bugnini’s name all over it. One of numerous ecclesiastical Freemasons who sought to but could not entirely abolish the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, so instead they simply anthropomorphized the Mass.

Now, however, they have become the more emboldened. They neglect to reflect on their final end and what will become of them for going on this “broad road”. God will not be mocked. He will take to them a scourge, and with it He will give them a very, very severe beating. Even quietly, and He needs no one’s help to do it. But the Jews will convert before the Church will be restored from glory to glory in the world, and they will not even see Him again until they say “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” (C.f. Matthew 23:39)

“Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini.”

Hosanna in excelsis.

Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt caeli et terra gloria tua.
Hosanna in excelsis.
Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini.
Hosanna in excelsis.

Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Kyrie eleison. Christe eleison. Kyrie eleison.

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