Christ vs Antichrist

“Do not kneel or prostrate yourself to any other king.” – Jesus would say this to me on an occasion in 2014-2015. He had appeared to me as enthroned in glory in a certain N.O. sanctuary during evening Eucharistic Adoration (Monstrance on the low Altar), and I took the opportunity to go down in spirit to a full prostration beneath His Sacred Feet (even though bodily I was still either kneeling in or seated on the pew). I had it in mind also, while like that, to take on the role of the Serpent to be crushed relative to Him, to go down beneath the dust; so I, not even grabbing hold of Him, afraid to touch Him directly, only with the tiniest trace of my fingertips moved His left Foot to be positioned over/upon my head. He wouldn’t let it remain, and moved His Foot back, instead reaching down with His Hand and leading me to rise up (and, dear God, I did not want to, already contentedly happy where I was!). But then He said that to me, and then gave me more interiorly the reason why, “I cannot trust that any one would not trample and tear you to pieces.” …. And timely given. It was not even 24 hours after that encounter that Antichrist began wreaking havoc upon my imagination, trying by any promise of blackmail and coercive and persuasive and seductive manners in what-I-already-knew-to-be his grandstanding envy to get me to do precisely that. So I got a taste of what it was to receive “formation” leading up to a particular trial.


“You can trust your husband.” – Sts Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel, 2018

“You are My wife.” “I intend to give you power over them (the demons). So stay with Me.” – Christ, 2018 (He put the ring on my finger on October 5, 2019.)

“Persevere. Persevere.” – Guardian Angel, 2021

A dispute with Antichrist during High Mass, 6/13/21 (This happened before I “learned” to just shut up, but if God allowed it like this then there’s the wonder of that for me to consider too.)

I should probably preface this one a little bit. The previous evening, I was talking with a friend who had just returned from visiting a community of Religious Sisters in my local area, and she shared with me some of what they discussed – and thank God she did too! On top of what I would be faced with the next morning, during Mass, through the weekend I had been harassed spiritually and taking trauma and its effects.

I had to beg the Holy Family and the Angels for help to keep my mind focused on the Mass, but this encounter happened during the Asperges.

At the Asperges, the Priest sprinkles the Religious Sisters prior to the rest of the Laity. As he was doing that, AC seemed to take offense on my account, claiming, “Aren’t you His wife? What Husband or Spouse would hide away their beloved from being acknowledged by others?! What blind and stupid creatures! To not recognize something special beyond mere appearances…” (“appearances” was referencing the Religious habit).

I thought to myself, ‘Okay, now this has just gotten too ridiculous.’ And so I rebutted to Antichrist, “If it is my Husband and God’s Will to keep me hidden from the world and from other people, and I defer to Him when I know better (to do so), who am I to contest it? You see their habit and veil, but you fail to recognize how humiliating it is for them and how embarrassed they feel to be given signs of special treatment. They made public vows, and are set apart to be visible signs of the Church’s relationship to Christ. It is His Mercy which clothes His brides in His Virtues. The humiliations and embarrassment they endure as recognizable visible signs operate for their unique sanctification just as the humiliations and embarrassment I endure as being utterly unrecognizable before man do for my own sanctification. Although I do sometimes feel jealous and sad over the holy water if I do not feel it at all.” It shut him up. (And that day when the Priest passed, one drop landed on my arm and one landed on my missal. More than satisfied.)

My Guardian Angel’s forewarnings from 2013

Last evening, my guardian angel brought me to walk amongst a large crowd gathering, and he said to me “this city will be destroyed”… now, I’m not precisely certain about influential factors going into this vision/experience, but nonetheless it reminded me of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah for a moment, though I can say I did not know the people I saw in the crowds. Only that they gathered in this city.

He said that they have incited God’s righteous anger against the city because of the evil of their ways; all of His chosen have – to this moment in time – been taken advantage of and cheated of their rights in Him by them; they have incited His priests to condone their evil, and further to violate their faithfulness to His Word and His Bride, His active Presence in the world; they have sought, and still do seek, to infect the Church with their evil.

“God’s chastisements will pour over these souls according to the measure of their devotion to evil against the purity of His Supreme Good. Those who are faithful will be preserved, in spite of these evils, to dwell securely as God’s chastisements pour forth upon the city. He will build up holiness in this land for those who would keep His Commandments.”

St Raphael’s visitations

In the same year around this period (2013-2014) in my life, a helper was given to me to aid in my recovery, the Archangel Saint Raphael. He would always greet me with the same title of chaste Biblical affection. During this period of his frequent visitations (2013/2014), he warned me of a particular evil that had already supposedly (!) been defeated. Communism. Almost ironically, at the time I was what I would consider friends with a self-identified “bisexual Communist” (generation Z, not the Millennial generation as I am), and I had no inclination/desire to forsake Christ. I was just intrigued, and cared for him individually as a person despite our frequent disputes. The warning St. Raphael gave to me left me puzzled very much in my own mind. It was as follows:

“You must have nothing to do with Communism. … If you do, it will rob you of your crown of thorns, and with it the crown of your salvation.”

I even brought this to my spiritual director at the time, and he confirmed to me that Communism was “becoming increasingly popular”. This, like what was given to me by my Guardian Angel concerning the modern perverts trying to build their “ideal” manifesting as a neo-Sodom that does not love nor tolerate either Life or Purity (they choose evil and the curse of Death for the Christ Child and others and then for the land, c.f. Deuteronomy 30)… I could not understand or wrap my mind around what I was shown/told. Later, by 7 years, I did understand.

To explain about the two crowns… When I was 16, ~2005, Our Lady had appeared to me one day. She was holding two crowns, and offered a choice. Crown of thorns, or crown of gold. I had heard of St Catherine of Siena’s and St Maximilian Kolbe’s vision of the crowns respective to themselves; I had read that St Catherine had received a sharp rebuke for choosing (at first) the crown of silver, and did not want to be a cause of this Mother’s grief. It was She who stood and watched Her Son and God be tortured in His Humanity to the final moment when He laid down His Life and breathed His last on the Cross – She, who was so perfectly mystically united to Him that their sufferings and sentiments were One interiorly. And it never seemed right that I be deprived of a share in that suffering, even if I get choosey about this or that suffering (and foolishly fashioned my own crosses numerous times), after how much Christ endured. So I chose the crown of thorns. Our Lady placed it on my head, though I did not feel anything but a dull ache sensation back then (now in 2021 it’s gotten sharper). But then She did something unexpected – She also placed the gold crown on my head. She communicated to me then that the gold crown would prevent some of the thorns from piercing my head. And that was that. There was never any visible sign of this to begin with.

I do not know if the demons saw those crowns and if they did whether knew where they came from. But when I – by circumstantial accident and more than a little bit of 17-year-old folly – became installed as the Queen of Hell (officially resigned and left it in 2011), it was not lost on me that that crown obscured the two others rather than deprived me of them, but would also tighten the crown of thorns into my head; eventually I was able to remold the infernal crown to not sit around my head like that and be a tad more modest in appearance (but this is old news).

I’ve noticed lately that the pain gets sharper when I become upset with the Bishops in particular. Sometimes it seems to have a will of its own, as if to gently remind me, “Meghan, remember what I suffered and why I chose to suffer.” Other times I experience a random sharp needle-thorn pain into my head (and I check for a bug bite just in case – nothing; and it can’t be a hair snag, because that would be a pulling out rather than a driving in).

I recently was able/permitted an occasion to access entry in spirit into the Tabernacle, and sat with Jesus within. Deciding to take an opportunity, I asked Him if the crown of thorns was directly relative to the Bishops. He gave me the affirmative.

The overall state of the Bishops is not good. Even those who want to be good and do good, and do love Our Lord and Our Lady and the Church and the Flock the best they can of their own strength, are still so terribly compromised. What’s worse than that, perhaps, is that the bad Bishops apply such obscenely wicked and blasphemous pressure on their brother Bishops to assume the World and its ways if they cannot get them to assume the Devil or the Flesh. Many are on the road to perdition and telling others to get on the deceptively decorated train to Hell. Very, very few – worldwide – are actually loyal to God. Many are the Devil’s. Most are according to their own image and their own likeness, and the demons have a maxim: “ANYTHING BUT GOD.”

Christ must reign. Totally, not “equally”.

I am not calling for a bloody war – a defensive one – when outsiders make it necessary – is just, an offensive one no. We are not commanded by God to do to others what King Saul and the Israelite army was commanded to do to the Amalekites.

I am calling for the Bishops to return to the TRUE One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church’s Virginal, pure fidelity to Her Eternal Spouse/Bridegroom: Jesus the Christ, the Only-begotten Son of the Living God.

As He said to St Bridget of Sweden (Book 1, Chapter 21):

“But, I am still merciful, and if anyone were to touch his soul, even though she is unclean, and examine her to see if there is any remorse or good will in it, and thrust a sharp and burning spear into his mind, which means the fear of my severe judgment, then he could still find my mercy, if he only would obey me. And if there is no remorse and love in him, still there is hope, if someone were to pierce him with a sharp and bitter correction and rebuked him strictly. For as long as the soul lives with the body, my mercy is open and ready for everyone.

“Consider therefore how I died because of My love, and yet nobody repays Me with love, but they even take from Me what is Mine by right; for it would be true justice if men improved their lives in proportion to the pain and suffering of their redemption. But now they want to live all the worse in proportion to the bitter pain and death I suffered when redeeming them; and the more I show them the hatefulness and ugliness of sin, the more boldly they want to sin. Behold, therefore, and consider that I do not get angry without cause, for they have changed My mercy into wrath. I redeemed them from sin, and they entangle themselves even more in sin.

“But you, My bride, give Me what you are obliged to give Me, that is, may you keep your soul pure for Me, because I died for you in order that you might keep her pure for Me.”

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