Persecuted Priests: Father James Altman, a true little ‘son of thunder’

Bishop Callahan… I am not promoting disobedience. However, I think you need to be better informed for your own sake and also that of your brother Bishops. There was an occasion when I was struggling over the matter of participation in and receiving the Eucharist within what you Prelates would refer to as an “illicit (even though not sacrilegious) Mass”. No, not by Father Altman, just in theory. I have often wrung my heart and soul over things larger (ie the metaphysics and mystical nature of legalities) than my education has thus far formatively supplied. But when I finally took it to Our Lord, I did so in the occasion of your shutdown, when you Bishops barred us Laity from the Sacraments. I was concerned over the Priests bound by “obedience” to you, who might (as I desired but also feared) continue to feed His children (referring to CATHOLICS IN THE STATE OF GRACE) on the Sacrament of His Body Blood Soul and Divinity. Do you know what He said? He said, “I will grant My Mercy to these Priests.” Do you understand what this means? It means that you Bishops – and other Priests – who starved us Laity through the “Covid shutdown”, you gravely offended Him. You offended His Mercy relative to His children. You threw out His Commands explicitly given in the Gospel. And you go on gravely offending Him with your stiff-necked unrepentant manner. Do not think that “obedience” will spare you against any Divine or Apostolic Mandate in Public Revelation (Gospel and Acts and Epistles and Revelation) nor from incurring temporal punishment due that disobedience against God. Be you a Pope, or a Cardinal, or a Bishop, or a little Priest, or even a member of the Laity. Whether you be a Freemasonic (that label includes the modern liberals in the Church – know your true ideological roots and heritage, people), or Satanic, or Communaziistic pretender in the hierarchy or not, or a real Catholic who struggles against the World, the Flesh, and the Devil in order to overcome their vice and sin. Invincible ignorance is not available to cover us over our negligence to form ourselves properly in the Christian Faith. We have a solemn responsibility to continually deepen our knowledge of God and of His Way, Plan, Will, etc for us, and to conform our lives to the Truth.
The double-standard in your betrayal is a wonder to behold, isn’t it?
Would you conduct yourself honorably, listen to and honor the wishes of the Laity who want Father James Altman to preside or “assist” over them for their entering into the Sacrament of Marriage?
Now we are going to have a problem. Even an Atheist can administer the Sacrament of Baptism, without “permission”. What you do here, Bishop Callahan (et alii) is Anti-Christian, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Gospel. In this, as Our Lord declared to the Pharisees, Scribes, Sanhedrin, “you do the will of your father the Devil”. You have forgotten Our Father in Heaven and neglect to prioritize His Will. And you will be made to answer to GOD for it.
Are you passing on the weight and responsibility (and the merits your Office can obtain) for what you have determined – upon an underling..? Can you Bishops, Princes, not be bothered to be shepherds, actually embrace the cross, and take responsibility for the care and provision of the Lord’s sheep and sheepdogs yourselves? Yet you punish the sheepdogs for your own sins and failings, when the sheepdogs act according to the Knowledge and Will and Instruction of One greater than yourselves. They may bark to the sheep and the little ones, and even at you, but you don’t so much as experience their biting your hand even in self-defense – and you abuse them still.
Just because you men, prelates and non alike, esteem so many of yourselves and all your artifices, does not oblige God to take any pleasure in you, in what you do, in what you occupy, in what you say, or in the prayers you recite either in private or at the Altar.
During the Covid19-84 Globalist tyranny (which is ongoing, by the way), how many Vicars for Clergy nationwide, worldwide even, sold out to operate as virtue-signalling propaganda machines on their social media and in regular interactions with their “subordinates”? These Diocesan Chancery offices (as in, positions of honors and privileges) and their bureaucracies and committees and subcommittees are not the Church that Christ established; in the End, these are only a man-made construct suited to be burned up. No such bureaucratic offices/committees exist in nor among the Church in Heaven. If they did, St Michael the Archangel would not have been raised to the highest glory among the 9 choirs of angels, and Lucifer would never have fallen beneath him from among the Cherubim.
Bishop, we all know that you are selling out here. You are not the first to do this either. You are gaslighting a loyal Priest of Our Eternal Lord and Godhead. I thank God that this Priest used to be a lawyer, or he might not stand a chance against your (and other’s) narcissistic abuse to recognize it for what it is. It is very sad and a shame that you choose to treat him this way, despite how much high respect and affection he still maintains for you personally.
Just one last question: Do you want to burn in Hell, Bishop – any of your commodes (communal-moderates) or comrades (communal-radicals) too? Bishop, I write this with severity because I care. I do not like that Hell is increasingly populated, nor that this is largely over the state of the hierarchy in the Church. The way I see it, you are in a unique position to still receive the opportunity to make amends, correct this and do the right thing. I pray for you, sincerely. May God bless and preserve you in His grace and Mercy, for yourself and for those under your jurisdiction.

In Christ,

Meghan Fry

(The one whose local Bishop had actually called “essential” to her face, and then a “dissenter” in a broad generic brushstroke from behind her back. Yeah, I know those stupid Alinskian “games” a fair number of you Bishops try to play too.)

(Our Lord to St Bridget of Sweden) “I am still merciful, and if anyone were to touch his soul, even though she is unclean, and examine her to see if there is any remorse or good will in it, and thrust a sharp and burning spear into his mind, which means the fear of My severe judgment, then he could still find My mercy, if he only would obey Me. And if there is no remorse and love in him, still there is hope, if someone were to pierce him with a sharp and bitter correction and rebuked him strictly. For as long as the soul lives with the body, My mercy is open and ready for everyone. Consider therefore how I died because of My love, and yet nobody repays Me with love, but they even take from Me what is Mine by right; for it would be true justice if men improved their lives in proportion to the pain and suffering of their redemption. But now they want to live all the worse in proportion to the bitter pain and death I suffered when redeeming them; and the more I show them the hatefulness and ugliness of sin, the more boldly they want to sin. Behold, therefore, and consider that I do not get angry without cause, for they have changed My mercy into wrath. I redeemed them from sin, and they entangle themselves even more in sin.
   “But you, My bride, give Me what you are obliged to give Me, that is, may you keep your soul pure for Me, because I died for you in order that you might keep her pure for Me.”

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