World Leaders: Obama, Trump, Biden, Pope Francis et alii

The Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism’s sister non-profit, The Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican, is a historic collaboration of CEOs and global leaders working with the “moral authority” of Pope Francis and Cardinal Peter Turkson of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.




Allianz SE








Inclusive Capital Partners


Bank of America










International Trade Union Confederation


Brunello Cucinelli S.p.A.






Estée Lauder Companies




Johnson & Johnson


Secretary General of the OECD




Estée Lauder Companies




California State Treasurer


Principles for Responsible Investment


Guardian Life


State Street Corporation


The Rockefeller Foundation


Kering Group


Ford Foundation

I would just like to take a moment to say, as the former Queen of Hell and present Wife of Christ… You all (as listed) are going to meet a very unfortunate end, going this way.

(That was Our Lord who relayed that to me, then, on December 10, 2020. He has already judged their conduct in this to be an act equivalent in gravity to the sin of Adultery, because their conduct is against the eternal dignity of the Office to which He has had them ordained within His own Church. The hierarchy offends the dignity of the higher Office to entertain a manufactured fantasy of a fraudulent union with who/what is less than Himself, those specifically who are indisputably against the Divine Will and Plan of His/Our Father for the Church as much as for themselves.)

I’m just going to come clean about the politicians about whom Our Lady has communicated to me, and what She said.

About former United States President Barack Obama, Our Lady came to me at night on one occasion, with Her face in Her hands and weeping copiously, saying to me, “He will not repent” (meaning, he is cut off from grace and is unwilling to repent of his sins, among which are the mortal sins crying to Heaven for vengeance).

About former President Trump, Our Lady did not say anything to me, nor did I feel inclined to ask – all I had to do was watch, and I was concerned naturally but content as it relates to him until nearing the very end. However, I personally highly esteem First Lady Melania, who was so noble and prudent that she arranged for an exorcism by a Catholic Cleric to be performed throughout the White House very early upon Trump’s installation, and as far as I am concerned she is a good woman and First Lady, and a dutiful mother.

Upon reflecting about what Our Lady communicated to me concerning Obama, I decided to inquire to Her about our current “President” Biden on the matter of his repentance and salvation. To this, Our Lady said to me with the look of a sorrowing and anxious Mother, “For him it will be very, very hard.”

Concerning “Pope” Francis, more has been witnessed by me and communicated to me by Our Lady. I do not use “” out of disrespect for the Office of the Pope, but I am now personally in a point of questioning whether he is validly currently occupying the Chair of St Peter, the most solemn Office and See of the Church. He has erroneously sought to “rehabilitate” Judas Iscariot and Martin Luther (neither of whom are in Heaven, as neither of whom had repented unto the Body and Blood of Christ). He has partaken in ritual worship of the demon Pachamama, not only welcoming and witnessing its ceremonies in the Vatican gardens (and not stopping Catholic Religious – notably Franciscans! – from prostrating to the idol of a demon) but also: within Mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica, he had a bowl of accursed dirt placed upon the Altar (which is odious to Our Lord), and immediately alongside the Sacred Species (an immediate and irrefutable desecration and sacrilege, a true abomination). He promotes the specific heresy of syncretism, and unfortunately by his words he relativizes and rationalizes the scandal of his actions.

First in timeline order is the vision, whether of then-present or else of the then-future:

Back in 2013 I experienced a vision. I do not know if it was so immediate then, or if it had been of a yet-to-come nature. I was like a floating spectator in the walls of the Vatican throughout this experience. (This was not an experience of an interactive nature, but much like something else I experienced by my Guardian Angel on June 20, 2013 – but this time I was “by myself”, there was no external commentary.)

The room, wherever it was, was well-illumined.

The Pope walked through the large west doors into this room. It was large, and very elaborately decorated. A woman was waiting for him in this room. They greeted and talked casually for a moment.

The woman had shoulder length (or shoulderblade-length) blond hair, and looked like she were a secretary. She wore a blue skirt suit with matching pointy-toed heels. She carried papers on a clipboard with her (that I couldn’t see).

The both of them were waiting to meet someone, the lady to introduce the Pope to this visitor.

The large east doors opened, and in walked (how I perceived him) the spectral figure of a man completely cloaked in smoke and shadow.

The woman was very clearly star struck. But they both voluntarily prostrated to him.

Only this year (2020/1) did I learn who this woman was, after an image surfaced of her and many others with Pope Francis in a group-photo:

Her name is Lynn Forester de Rothschild.

What Our Lord and Lady would communicate to me and what they did not communicate to me concerning Pope Francis:

Whenever I would read Colonna’s book titled “The Dictator Pope”, Our Good Lord and Lady would both charge me to pray almost unceasingly for Pope Francis as I read each page. I still have not finished it. Sometimes I am not able to continue reading. They have never expressed offense at the author over his having written it, nor what he wrote in it.

A Supernatural mystical experience (I understand the hesitations concerning calling something Supernatural, prior to “official stamp of approval”, but I know both God and the Devil, and the Mystics and Doctors of the Church testify to such things in their writings, and my Spiritual Director has helped me distinguish some of what is exclusively “of God” and the character of suspended passions is one of them, and only two times thus far have I ever experienced this phenomenon specifically):

In 2019, I experienced a supernatural intervention by Our Lady concerning the temptations I was getting hit by. I was being reactively pushed toward violence against Pope Francis under the pretense that maybe making him face the “close to home” warning and even promise of his death might spur him toward reflecting seriously on the very real sins and scandals he has committed (repeatedly affirming the heresies of syncretism, even leading many to commit idolatry against God and toward the demon Pachamama, and toward the United Nations), and that he sincerely repent of them. Our Lady, though She does actually call and regard him as “My son” (Her son), has very precise words concerning/for Pope Francis, but I am not to communicate them here. Only God and Our Lady can suspend all passions and give lasting peace, as what happened in this interactive scene and endured for a period after it was over and I was recovered/recollected once again in front of Our Lord in the Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

Tuesday April 13, 2021:

I experienced another vision and another still later that same day but these were from the demon and more an “interactive” testing.

Part 1 – At 3pm, I decided to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the leadership in the Church. When I was praying the last two decades of the Chaplet, an interactive scene* played out in my imagination.

(In the olden days, I used to call them “daymares” throughout my educational years, and later “scenarios” to better distinguish them for the very limited ‘social media friends’ audience.)

(redacted, irrelevant to the subject)

Part 2 – during 7pm Mass

The scene begins with me standing in an open room, a sort of privatized public forum, as if taking in my surroundings, surveying, exploring and studying. The room was very well lighted, both naturally and artificially.

There was a small, round aluminum patio bistro table stationed against a wall, with two matching ornate chairs. On the table sat a modest ~6-inch clear glass vase with yellow and white flowers* in it as a centerpiece.

(Yellow and white flowers… The colors of the Roman Papal flag. Obviously he was/is intending the Chair of St Peter in particular to be a point of exclusive disputation.)

Antichrist was standing casually some 2-4 yards away, watching me thoughtfully (he was oddly quiet). He finally said to me, but almost as if musing aloud to himself, “I know you would not let yourself go inside, let alone near my borders except to try to undo it from within.”

(Reflecting back, I know he chose his words carefully, even with that misogynistic haughty air. The hint of the threat of what he intends was not lost on me.)

I bore such enmity toward him that I wouldn’t respond for a while, but eventually I was able to force out, “If so, that will have its appointed time… We shall see.”

The scene ended.

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