Are there “New Ways” – or is there only One Way – to Eternal Life?

Now I have to ask. With Pope Francis endorsing Father James Martin, S.J.’s “ministry”… And the obvious diabolical disoriented inclination to heresy the “Jesuit” cleric has (beyond the writing of a book in which he is careful to stay within the boundaries of Catholic Teaching), in trying to call for “respect for both sides” with “as I was writing the book, I knew that it would be a somewhat controversial topic, even though I was careful to stay well within the bounds of Church teaching.”…

It really does make James Martin SJ resemble the “soft approach” Communists of old.

It leads me to my next question, because I don’t know how this works: Has Pope Francis incurred a latae sententiae excommunication upon himself by this?

Can all Bishops of the Catholic Church worldwide ever reflect upon the text (see link below) concerning their own immortal souls, and bring back the utility of this ritual concerning those who commit such acts (see short list in the prior link):

And maybe, just maybe, Bishops, if you all would NOT or else STOP playing games with the salvation of your own souls, that would be great. After all, there is more celebration in Heaven over even one sinner who repents than over 99 who have no need of repentance. Are there any among your number who are opposed to Heaven rejoicing over you?

If there are any opposed, I would dare ask further:

Who among those living in the world today can rightly claim “I have no need of repentance”..? Of clerical or lay state, of those within the life of the Church or those outside the live of the Church..? Objections? Anyone..?

::crickets:: (Because who among them would ever take notice of a little laywoman goading them??)

That settles it, then, doesn’t it?

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Just a little Catholic living a hidden multidimensional life.

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