The Holy Mass and the Divine Office in the Priesthood and Religious Life – Self, Angels and Historical inquiry


I am meeting this article with the perspective of an upset and naturally hormonally-spiked brain (God be blessed for making me a woman – and I mean that). It takes serious effort to reflect on this with unbiased attention. See, I sent the Pope a paper copy of my first post even before I decided to make this blog. I don’t expect to ever receive any response. I don’t expect true charity from any of them either. Just the same, I know his pattern of behavior to be stiff-necked and so hypercritical that his generic character smears arrive to the point of potentially trying to gaslight traditional Catholics. His corrections might be taken better if he would minister to us Laity with the solicitude that Father Ripperger (Traditional Catholic Exorcist-Priest who is also known to correct Traditionalists) has communicated, but the Pope seems eager only to “control or destroy” us. I expect he has not and will not read what I sent, nor what I post here.

I find myself lamenting just how much I am not seeing this Pope give an ounce of paternal pastoral solicitude to the soul of the Church, the core Personal Identity of the Church, and for the souls of the Catholics who want to become or remain faithful to Christ and His Church. When I hear him try to identify the Church as some impersonal space, telling Catholics (who prioritize the Truth) that they – summarily – should let go and modernize themselves, I feel he is reflecting the manner of the Devil tempting Christ in the desert, “If you are the Son of God […]”. Not knowing Him to be the Christ (the Devil only suspected) he was trying to pit the Son, if the Son, to doubt against the Father, and to display His Identity to him so that he, the Devil, might possess certainty of knowledge once and for all. In the Garden of Eden, the Devil also sowed that doubt and distrust of God in Eve and Adam by suggesting God to be insecure, monopolizing and arbitrary (despite His omnipotence and omniscience and omnibenevolence). The Devil’s temptation was the same focused technique. Likewise, what I feel I perceive these days is that this Pope and some others prior, but many subordinates in the hierarchy presently too, are trying to remodel the Church to suit his/their ideas rather than actually love Her in imitation of our True Head himself, to “strip her naked” and treat Her as if She were a personal prostitute or some great whore for his/their own amusements, and as if he/they intend to leave Her desolate and naked and as food for jackals. “Out with the old, in with the new” or otherwise known as the “throwaway culture”, is what it all feels like. The Pope’s legitimate authority is not licitly operated in treating us this way.

It leads me to speculate, even with compassion and pity for this Pope, that he might be demonically obsessed, with all the bad choices he makes (pointedly noting all the evil men he elevates and tries to rehabilitate: Judas Iscariot, Martin Luther, McCarrick, the pro-population control-and-abortion guy to head the Pontifical Academy for Life, and the active homosexual to oversee the protection of children, etc) and all the harm to the Life of the Church in the world that his serious attitude problem against the faithful has caused, which has carried over and increased since his time as Archbishop in Argentina. Sometimes speculating – because I am not God and not omniscient – such a miserable state in him is what it takes for me to not outright hate or rail against the man who has inflicted traumas into my life and our lives.

I find myself starting to ramble.

I had a purpose for this blog post.

I grew up in the Novus Ordo.

My Guardian Angel led me incrementally to the Tridentine Rite. There are higher spiritual benefits and graces from the Tridentine Rite than the Novus Ordo.

I know that the Tridentine Rite really started being implemented with the Council of Trent.

The Council of Trent was in 1545-1563, so it lasted 18 years (wow).

The liturgical form of the Mass prior to that is a mystery to me.

I know that what was offensive to God will always be offensive to God, whether it be in the exterior form as much as interior state.

The Saints and the Angels in Heaven and the Souls in Purgatory all testify against the reception of Holy Communion in the hand, emphasizing “on the tongue and (insofar as physically possible) while kneeling”. (Don’t try to sell me “historical” Mass sacrileges as an excuse to try to justify the “renovations” and “reforms”, you will never justify doing that in the sight of Eternity. God has made His Will known.)

Even the devils testify that the reception of Holy Communion in the hand pleases themselves very much.

I am growing up and spiritually maturing. This means I want to give God what He wants to receive from me. This means that what I want to give Him is not centered on what I like, nor what mortal man judges to be “less offensive” or rather merely “acceptable” to God “because there are no other options available” (I’m tired of living that selfish, spiritually childish life), nor what he judges as pleasant to his own sensibilities.

Chawk it up to the intricacies of my melancholic temperament. I have personally displayed qualities unique to each of the four, but in matters of religion and ethics I am traditional and idealistic, not “new”. Each of the four temperaments tends toward being scrupulous about specific things. While staying with some friends for a week, there has been tensions due in part to this. (A solid thank you to my mom, even though still Protestant and somehow nonetheless bonded to Our Lady of Guadalupe, for staying up with me on a 45 minute phone conversation that went past midnight to help me sort this out.) My predominantly melancholic temperament fixes on discerning and trying to conform to the “best way” even if that is in a more temporal theme, and even if it makes me “stand out” or “distract” others. My friend’s predominantly phlegmatic temperament fixes on everyone’s cooperation to each other. Both have positives, and both have blind spots. In all, my friend is as likely to focus on her conscience as I am on mine, and we do accept each other, but she is more likely to make concessions for others while I am not. Take for example, I have made up my mind that I as a Catholic must not consume meat on Fridays; she on the other hand, while preferring not to, would not refuse what is offered/served to her.

Or, about the Mass. She and I both are fixed on the Tridentine Rite, for some same reasons and some reasons unique to ourselves respectively, and she is not necessarily happy with the Novus Ordo but she would not refuse to go to Mass with her family if they choose to go to a Novus Ordo Mass, whereas I would (now) not go period except to a Tridentine Rite Mass. For me to do otherwise would constitute a violation of my conscience, as it is currently the highest known good. For my friend to do otherwise would constitute a violation of her conscience, as another’s undisturbed communions with God and neighbor (prayer and assembly) are currently as important to her as they are to themselves (even though the way I see it, from my temperamental perspective, sometimes – it’s possible – another’s is even more important to her than to themselves).

My concluding personal thoughts, now speaking of/for myself only. Unless God Himself sets down for us the specific rubrics of the liturgical form etc, like He did with the children of Israel through the true (not false) Prophets, I will be staying with the Tridentine Rite only, period, and will ultimately regard anything that comes out of the Vatican concerning any more “new” Mass as bunk. I do not see the Vatican as producing good fruit in deeds as much as in words (when there are ever any good words/statements pronounced). It’s hard for me to regard anyone operating from among the Bishops etc (only a very select few, Bishop Strickland being one) as being “real” people with the rest of us, as most everything they say to us that is subjective comes to us from their image as Bishop without their ever meeting and really knowing and actively listening to us. I sort of just referred to the majority of Bishops around the world who use their voice as bigoted…

Something else I have had to come to terms with this week so far? The Divine Office is prayed with a different form/posture in every Religious community. The other thing setting me at potential odds with entering Consecrated Religious Life. I used to be discerning for 11 years on and off. The only community that was going to work with me was disbanded entirely from within Indiana a single month before I was to enter as a Postulant. Theirs was the only one that really seemed to treat me like I was already a real member of their family, but I am become distracted again.

When I was coming out from under the thumb of the demonic one season, my Guardian Angel taught me to pray the Divine Office in a particular form.

Gospel Canticles – standing

Reading/s – sitting

Psalms (and everything else) – kneeling (unless of course it was not physically possible)

There were many reasons (both my own and the community’s, sometimes God’s) that I never entered any particular community, though I tried very hard against myself to fit in and stay quiet. After nothing happened, I “closed” the “particular discernment door”. I couldn’t very well force my entering either. It has been harder and harder to “mesh”. I tend toward a bizarre pragmatism about these things, I need it to make sense to me for me to consider conforming to a rule or superior and doing so freely and joyfully.

If I have been taught something by those with a higher vantage point than humanity, that doesn’t mean I think myself better than anyone else. I do not at all look down upon those who follow an established Rule or Constitutions. Even if it is human in origin, the principle commitment to and discipline of having lived the Rule and Constitutions for a prolonged period (even with individual and community reorientation at times) are something I cannot help but admire and esteem beyond expression. At the same time, should what I have been taught for myself be thrown away and buried? There is an aversion to community life in me, where I feel I personally could not be happy giving uniformity of conformity in a traditional community (perhaps I am ignorant of these communities, as I have only known the modernized and liberal or else reverential Novus Ordo Religious communities?), and would likewise be miserable and too isolated in a modernized/Novus Ordo community. I am NOT called to start something new; I might have a “strong personality”, but I have ZERO administrative gifts. However, it interests me to inquire of every Religious community in the Church:

Where do your ways of doing this or that originate? How did your community form in the development of these ways? Was there any deviation? If you were made able, would you – as Pope Francis once put it – “return to your roots”?

Because if GOD willed any Religious community to do things a very specific way that would give more glory to Him that was due, even were it different than the private instruction I was given, I would like to know. Or if He did so instruct, and they rejected it, what was His Will being denied and why?

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