Violence and Bloodshed in the Sanctuaries

(The following was composed on August 5 and sent to all Priests in this Diocese via USPS early August ~7, 2020, to all Deacons via the emails listed on the Diocesan webpage, and to the other Bishops in the […], as well as Archbishop […]. A few parishes were hand-delivered a paper document copy of this missive, on top of the resident-Clerics. Of everyone, close to 200 addressees, only one individual responded to me and my missive at all.)


Subject: Violence and Bloodshed in the Sanctuaries

Dear Excellencies, Priestly body, and my fellow lay brothers and sisters in Christ,


Is there any consecrated ground anywhere that is not becoming desecrated every day anymore?  The greatest shame of our race is that the good men not only do not do every good necessary, but also that these good men do nothing at all in the face of being confronted by perhaps the most-easily deterred evil of all evils.


There is much for Christians everywhere to lament. Here in the United States of America, Home of the Free and Land of the Brave, we have been faced with demonically-obsessed persons, slaves of heresies and fallacious ideologies and wounds from sin left by our own to fester on their hearts and souls, launching attacks on our Churches and Sanctuaries.  Our Lady’s explicit instructions and warnings and desperate appeals to us have largely been left unanswered.  I am writing to you to call you all back to pick up the Banner and Standard of Our Lord and God in this world with your lives, your voices, your hands and feet, and all the powers of your souls in witness.  We have made our Churches, Sanctuaries and even our own lives into portals for the Evil one and his legions with the practice of receiving Holy Communion in the hand.  It should come as no shock to us that enemies of the Church have been so successful at launching assaults on our Consecrated places of Worship, as we have first opened wide the door for them to enter. 


Everything is first and foremost a spiritual battleground.  And while our nature once sublimely noble in the Will of God is now fallen, we cannot hope to claim to know how to make ourselves perfect in the Sight of God so as to make ourselves unceasingly impenetrable and untouchable to the enemy.  It is not by our efforts alone, but our efforts aided by God’s grace, that delivers and saves.  Temptations and tribulations will come to us, as Our Lord told us; Satan is indisputably the lord of this passing world.  But we don’t have to make it so easy for him to continue to lord himself over us and our future generations, the future generations of the Family of God on earth. For the generations of souls present upon this earth, and for those yet to come, we must do our part to take the scales out from under the thumb of the Interloping “Friend of Whoredom’s” vice grip and put them back into the faithful and trustworthy hands of Our Holy Mother Church. 


The late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin was a Satanist, and it was by him that the USCCB began to propagate the reception of Communion in the hand.  Whether he was Satanist before, or became inducted later after his entry into the Priesthood is beyond me.  How a Satanist came from within the Catholic Priesthood is beyond me, but somehow, he did, and while a Satanist he was raised from Archbishop into the Cardinate.  Mr. James Grein, survivor of ex-Cardinal Mr. “Uncle Ted” McCarrick, testifies plainly to the truth that Cardinal Bernardin was a Satanist. 


It is also worthy of belief that there are clearly more of his sort in the making, bit by bit, with all manner of rationalizations being paid to the altar of this pandemic to that aim of our greatest Enemy.  All of these are suffering the abuse of their consciences in silence, and this is not acceptable.  Who is going to defend and support the Priesthood and the Divine Sovereignty (and wholly-vulnerable universally accessible Humanity) of Our Lord against these most-blasphemous Sacrileges in the Sanctuaries if you will not, if you are unaware or just let it alone to come to its ultimate culmination – the Anti-Church of the last days.  Can you even begin to fathom the destruction that will crash down upon our Holy Mother Church and on souls, worldwide, local, in your own families and among those whom you and we all love?  


This indifferent practice of Communion in the Hand is Satanic, pandemic or no pandemic.  Have you seen how many bodies let their hands hang limp as if they had not touched and administered the Sacred Species to themselves?  Have you seen how many just walk out the door after receiving the Sacred Species in their hand?  We are Christians, not Satanists!  Our Churches are to be Sanctuaries of the Holy of holies, not Satanic Temples!  Or am I wrong about what our Churches are set apart for?


Human well-intention and ignorance might – by the Mercy of God (not to be presumed upon) – mitigate the effects of sins committed, but that does not and never will trump the objective Truth of what is objectively a mortal sin being committed.  We are obliged as members of the Bride and Mystical Body of Christ to seek and love the One-and-Only Christ who Is the Way, Truth, and Life with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Whom does your heart love?  Will your Priestly hearts therefore love Him true?  There is always a choice, for each and every one of us.  And it is by God’s Vision, Thoughts, and Standard to which we will be Judged in the end; it is not for any of us creatures to justify ourselves nor to try to justify each other.


Will you love Him both as His True Presence, being the Most Blessed Sacrament (the Eucharist), AND His Life set apart to be the one lived freely in our souls and through our bodies?  We CAN repent of this great fault of ours.  Please pray and reflect.  We are insufficient ourselves to bring ourselves into Divine Union with God in Heaven.  As Laity especially (and those in the Deaconate), to receive the True Presence of Our Lord kneeling (where physically possible) and on the tongue is both to Live the Gospel and necessary to “Unleash the Gospel” within our souls.  Are these not the Great Commission that sustains our unity, to be what we have been created to be, out amidst the world?  To receive the Sacred Species in our non-consecrated hands is no different than to administer the Sacrament of Christ’s Life to ourselves, and this will not yield benefits to our souls.  Rather than good, receiving Holy Communion on the hand leads souls to practice the deadly perils of Pelagianism in its principles.


Does anyone among you, Your Excellencies, Priests, Deacons, and Laity have a Priestly heart after Our Lord’s own Most Sacred Heart to give instruction on how to arrive at the end of this earthly transient life in the world – after a life lived with one’s heart already in Heaven?  Like how St Philip the Apostle went and instructed the Ethiopian eunuch in the desert?


I pray for you all.  Please pray for me too.  Thank you for your consideration in reading this letter.


In Christ,

Meghan Fry


(Updated March 2021 and sent to the […]) P.S. It was my Guardian Angel who taught me to receive Holy Communion on the tongue and (as I am able physically) kneeling, as to “more deeply live the Gospel at Mass”. Specifically, to humble myself before the King of kings who humbled Himself to become Bread, so that when I go down to the earth/base as if to mortify my flesh I instead allow myself to be raised by the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ; to not try to grasp at the glory of God and what He wants to be the One to accomplish in and for me.





(Redacted link)

” No one is required to receive Holy Communion and the reception of Holy Communion on the hand is strongly encouraged. “

Doubtless all the other Dioceses in […] are following a similar if not the same form.

Communion in the Hand: An Experiment (Original Video)

(3) Communion in the hand spread through disobedience to the Pope:

(Read from the link provided as you wish)


As for Bernardin:

He was a Satanist.

(Google Translate from Dutch to English, and then See #29)


Borrowed resources from The Lepanto Institute’s records are as follows:

In just the last 2 weeks, there has been a massive surge of violence against the Catholic Church.  Here are a few examples:

On July 11, a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was decapitated at St. Stephen Catholic Church in Chattanooga, TN.

That same day, the statue of Our Lady outside Cathedral Prepatory School in Queens, NY was spray painted with the word “idol.”

On July 12, a man drove a minivan into Queen of Peace Catholic Church Ocala, FL, and set it on fire.

On July 14, a statue of the Sacred Heart was tagged with the words “Rise Up” and “#BLM,” meaning “Black Lives Matter.”

July 14 report: Violence Erupts as More Catholic-Funded Groups Call for Defunding of Police

On July 17, St. Joseph Catholic Church in New Haven, CT was vandalized with satanic symbols.

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