Two Prevalent Visions

June 21, 2013


Last evening, my guardian angel brought me to walk amongst a large crowd gathering, and he said to me “this city will be destroyed”… now, I’m not precisely certain about influential factors going into this vision/experience, but nonetheless it reminded me of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah for a moment, though I can say I did not know the people I saw in the crowds. Only that they gathered in this city.

He said that they have incited God’s righteous anger against the city because of the evil of their ways; all of His chosen have – to this moment in time – been taken advantage of and cheated of their rights in Him by them; they have incited His priests to condone their evil, and further to violate their faithfulness to His Word and His Bride, His active Presence in the world; they have sought, and still do seek, to infect the Church with their evil.

“God’s chastisements will pour over these souls according to the measure of their devotion to evil against the purity of His Supreme Good. Those who are faithful will be preserved, in spite of these evils, to dwell securely as God’s chastisements pour forth upon the city. He will build up holiness in this land for those who would keep His Commandments.”

This was first seen by me on Thursday, August 12, 2021.


(I sent this on December 6, 2020, to His Excellency Bishop […]-)

Your Excellency,


At the start of Holy Mass this morning at […], […] read your message to the Diocese. I asked him after Mass for a copy, but he said it was not for his initiative to circulate it. And so, I write to you now from what I remember of it.  You said it was imperative that we wear face masks while indoors, etc etc, for the continuation of our coming together at Mass. 

When Father mentioned he was asked to read it, and that it was from you, I must admit honestly that I felt much trepidation. I knew what to expect, though I hoped otherwise – to my disappointment.  But I was not disturbed.  While he read it, and I was processing as best I could while listening, a word came to me,


“It is given to some that they must obey God rather than faithless and lawless men.”


You know from the past one-way exchanges that I am very prone to anger, expressively so. I am a normal human being in every sense of the word, and there is nothing extraordinary about me except that – by the mercy and love and grace of God – I exist. 

A vision then came to me in my mind, of us “maskless” being barred from public worship, and from even being given entry into the True Presence of Our Lord in the Sanctuary… And I cried (screamed) in spirit to God “Is this really what your Will has in mind for me?!?”

(Added note for clarification: On November 8, 2020, I had become conflicted over the secular mask mandates and propaganda and the Church’s leadership pushing the fear etc. I did not know about 2 Corinthians 3:18 – “unveiled faces” – until well into the 2021 year. Originally, I had fought against conforming to the mask mandate by human reason and the studies of history and psychology. I had heard from some that they choose to wear a mask in a spirit of reparation offered to God on behalf of those who mandated/required it, but this never made sense to me because something is either pleasing and acceptable to God by His own standard, or it will be offensive to Him regardless of the intention. Self-styled worship is extremely offensive to God, because He wants what is best for us and what is best from us. So, confounded in human reason, and getting mixed messages from so many directions, I took the matter to prayer to submit it to God. He did respond directly: “I do not want you to wear one.” And ever since then, I was bound to that obedience in my conscience come what may. I would write and communicate against the other Communazi nonsensical garbage ultimatums that I would be faced with after that instead. So, a month after I was given explicit instruction from God, to hear that being pushed by the Bishop was very alarming to me. Okay, continuing…)

All my disturbance in this vision, as well as in my conscious inner and my exterior person, was suspended. (This is not at all normal. I can usually sustain the passion of anger. But I could not.)  The word then came,


“A Chastisement from God will befall the churches in consequence for how He has been offended.” 


And in my mind, again, I saw another vision. Of utter destruction to the churches, just as it had happened to the Temple of Jerusalem – but not by human hands. And my disturbance, passions, etc, remained suspended even after this.



The conviction of “faithless” was directed primarily to religious leaders. The conviction of “lawless” was directed to the secular leaders… and the religious leaders who accompanied them in sharing in their lawlessness.  I am under obligation to share about this experience with you.  I hope you will consider it. 


God bless.

Meghan Fry

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