What is the Catholic Church?

“Jesus sends his disciples to prepare the place where they will celebrate the Passover meal. They themselves had asked: “Where do you want us to go and make the preparations for you to eat the Passover?” (Mk 14:12). As we contemplate and worship the Lord’s presence in the Eucharistic Bread, we too should ask where, in what “place”, we want to prepare the Lord’s Passover. What are the “places” in our own lives that God is asking to be our guest?

“The Church too must be a large room. Not a small and closed circle, but a community with arms wide open, welcoming to all. Let us ask ourselves this question: when someone approaches who is hurting, who has made a mistake, who has gone astray in life, is the Church, this Church, a room large enough to welcome this person and lead him or her to the joy of an encounter with Christ? Let us not forget that the Eucharist is meant to nourish those who are weary and hungry along the way. A Church of the pure and perfect is a room with no place for anyone. On the other hand, a Church with open doors, that gathers and celebrates around Christ, is a large room where everyone – everyone, the righteous and sinners – can enter.” (https://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/homilies/2021/documents/papa-francesco_20210606_omelia-corpusdomini.html)

When I first heard of the Pope’s homily for Corpus Christi from a secondary source, I decided to click the link and read through the original for myself. I am seeing a trend of an idea through modern speakers in Christian communities that is, I deeply suspect, not fully aligned with the Heart of Christ. The question by the Apostles was where Christ wants us to go, what Christ wants us to do, how Christ wants us to do it… Not what place we want to prepare. The Apostles knew the Passover meal and the explicitly detailed instructions given by God and handed down by oral and written tradition. God is Lord over all of ourselves, or He is Lord over nothing of ourselves. What did God tell David, about building a place for Him to dwell on earth? What was the verbatim of His covenant with Solomon? What did Christ tell His disciples about His going to the Father, in order to prepare a place for them to dwell with Him in Heaven?

The Catholic Church is a community of saints and sinners. The Church is also ONE in union with Christ. The Catholic Church and Christ are One. The Church is not a thing, not a “room”, not a “field hospital”, but the real and present Bride and Mystical Body of Christ.

The Catholic Church is what and who GOD has had the Catholic Church established to be in relation to Himself. What God has decreed the Church to be is what the Church is. God’s Plan and perspective is the only one that matters, and creatures with a mind to contemplate can either freely conform their short-sighted and finite viewpoints to His own Vision and Value, or freely choose not to, but The Catholic Church is The Bride of Christ. The Catholic Church is the Bride to the True Presence of Christ. The Catholic Church is the Bride to the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist.

Minor disclaimer: I do not see as God sees. I cannot judge the mind or heart of a man, nor do I get anything perfect either. Even after Our Lord said to St Thomas “You have written well of Me”, the Dominican Saint of Aquino was still genuinely disappointed in his work, the Summa Theologiae, calling it mere straw/grass. Even Christ has attested of Consecrated Religious – which I am not – that it is His Mercy which clothes His consecrated in His Virtues, not that they possess those Virtues themselves. Just like how we do not merit the gift of Supernatural Faith, but are given that gift in Baptism by the operation of the Holy Spirit. So to entertain charity, since I cannot say with certitude, I hope that Pope Francis simply does not realize he comes close to de-personalizing the Church and wounding her dignity in her Divine Bridegroom with the “The Church is/needs to be [insert this thing here]” metaphorical language. I understand human language is finite and has its limits, but the Christian Faith is Incarnational and Personal in its very core.  The conclusion to ecclesiastical leadership depersonalizing the Church amounts to fomenting/cultivating the idea of a de-Personalized Most Blessed Sacrament, and culminates in unbelief in the True Presence. Catholics are in a massive crisis of Faith about the Truth of the Eucharist, and the Pope has a solemn obligation concerning the deposit of the True Faith of the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. I am not writing this to judge or criticize the Pope, only to communicate my concern over the terminology he has used (not only on Corpus Christi).

You see…

When a wife loves her husband, she will actually be faithful to her husband. Sin is infidelity in the divine nuptial relationship between God and humanity (individually and collectively). Sin is the spurning of OUR PERSON being raised into SUPRANATURAL dignity, and our spurning of the advances of Divine Love toward Eternal Life. And nothing compares as a cause for grief to an odious wife, one who would demand her husband let her consume him, and also kill his children and call it her right to do so.

Un-faithful “Catholics” are the worst.

As for pro-abortion “Catholic” politicians specifically: #When the wife is the one who commits rape and mass serial murder with impunity *because of the leadership within the Church on earth*.

What wife would let people come into the home – in which she, her husband, and her children dwell – to rape, brutalize and kill her husband, or to steal him away to do obscene things against him elsewhere? Or what wife would EVER tolerate it to be said to her – in the face of her withholding her husband from their hands – “You shouldn’t politicize or weaponize your husband! We’re allowed to do whatever we want to and with him. He’s our ‘homeboy’.”..? The ANSWER: NO WIFE WOULD.

The reception of Holy Communion in the hand is SACRILEGE.

The reception of Holy Communion by pro-abortion “Catholics” (and non-Catholics of every other self-professed Christian faith) is SACRILEGE.

If someone is attracted to the Eucharist, and believes the Eucharist to be truly What and Who the Eucharist is, and wants to become and be Catholic, that can be worked with. But presumption is a mortal sin as much as perjury; it is gravely offensive. God resists the proud, and bestows His favors to the humble.

For those who are “hurting, who has made a mistake, who has gone astray in life” and who acknowledge their need to repent unto the Body and Blood of Christ, and who sincerely wish to be reconciled unto the Body and Blood of Christ, there remains the SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION. But the Eucharist is set apart, is the Cornerstone, for those who wish principally to be received by Christ and whose souls are not already consumed in mortal sin, for those who have been made clean.

And it is far past overdue that the Bishops “man up” as living sons of so great a Father, to be firm and steady as arrows tipped with the flame of Divine Love, whether they are rested in a quiver or raised and aimed at a target – not to act limpish, undisciplined, egotistical, vindictive and petty as so many are seen to do.

The Truth of the Catholic Church will never ever be “re-defined” in the eyes of Eternity Itself.

But how would “Catholics” – or any other sort of “believers” – who don’t even believe about the Eucharist what Christ Himself in the Gospel and through the Catholic Church says, expect to ever come “to the Feast” in the first place, when these are clearly choosing to love their vanities and sins more than they love God..? Were these to “get in” to the Feast, the King would have them thrown out from the Wedding Feast of the Lamb in Heaven for their not being dressed in grace.

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

The only options for these politicians are these, the same as for every living person in the world: True Repentance, or (by default) everlasting Hell.

The little seer of Fatima Portugal is quoted as claiming that the final battle between God and Satan would be over Marriage and the Family. Based upon what I am seeing, we are living in it right here and now. The Marriage between the Church and Christ is being relentlessly attacked from within and without (even before so-called same-sex “marriage” and two-mommy or two-daddy parent-units), as too is the Family of God being attacked from within and without as the Family of God.

By whom..? The “Modernists”, the exhaustively untiring “innovators”, the false “reformers”. It is ignored too often that these would – were they able to – remake the Church into the Whore of Babylon, desiring to fill her bosom with adultery and apostasy as if to divorce her from Christ and lead Her to “remarry” the spirit of the World itself… 

Even in St John’s Apocalypse, what Our Lord said to the messenger “of the church in Philadelphia”? He relayed that there are those who say they are Jews but are not, and rather that these were members of the Synagogue of Satan. (C.f. Revelation 3:9)

Think also to the Gospel where Our Lord speaks to Peter. Given that Satan has called to Our Lord to be permitted to sift everyone of His disciples like wheat (C.f. Luke 22:31-32) – which “she” would do very eagerly, by the way – it should suffice for evidence that not everyone in the Church would be Christian. It was done to the Jewish community, it should be expected to have been done to the Christian community, except now it’s come to a point of the children of God needing to be deprogrammed and freed from the synthesis of all heresy: Modernism. How would so faithful a God, the true Divine Parent, be lacking in burning jealousy for the freedom and welfare of any of His children, seeing them surrounded on every side, hemmed in, day in and day out, by thieves and marauders?

In a journey on foot that would have taken the Israelites a couple weeks, were they well-to-do and cooperative… because of how much they had been committing sin/idolatry and were attached to it, they needed to be ferociously “deprogrammed” from their psychological slavery to Egypt, the trek to the land of Canaan through the arid desert wilderness took 40 days. Many of the Israelites still died on the way. Even Moses offended God; he was willing to withhold his son from the covenant God was making with the Israelites by circumcision, and was told the consequence was he would not himself enter into the promised land. Moses did relent, and his guilt was forgiven (proof being the eye-witnessed participants at the Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor). Moses was allowed to witness the sight of the promised land, but the temporal punishment due the offense was not removed and he would die before the Israelites arrived.

As for those who would say they are Christian but were not?

Cardinal Bugnini, chiefly responsible for the Modernist renovations to the Liturgy of the Hours, and that of forming the “Novus Ordo Mass”, was a Freemason; the late-Cardinal Bernadin, chiefly responsible for the liberalization (“normalization”) of the reception of Holy Communion in the hand, in disobedience to the Pope and openly defying the CDF, was a Satanist and homopredatorial child-molester. There are obviously many others, and no doubt ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Dallas Charter and Vatican-China deal and close intimate comrade with Bernadin, is anything but Christian too.

Pope Francis laicizing McCarrick should never have happened, he should have been excommunicated. Laicizing him ultimately just criminalized the Laity, to avoid any further personal responsibility himself. (But after Pope Francis promised the excommunication of any “ordained” women into the Clergy and all who partake of it at all, reserving any Sacramental Absolution for it to the Holy See in Rome, I have a sliver of hope that the Pope can come back around to his role and responsibility as the Vicar of Christ on earth.)

They cannot do as they wish to the True Church. Their plans are deemed “odious” and were sentenced to destruction. God is generous and merciful toward all, and is especially faithful to those who remain faithful to Him and in Him and with Him, and will make Himself present to His persevering chosen even against the wayward leadership by those within the Church. The most the antichrists can do is like what the CCP etc can do, lead about by Antichrist as they are – it is limited to the erection of a false church which he conceived of (and that only after Christ first conceived His Church – plagiarising and counterfeiting are very lame and pathetic), a mystical Anti-Church, a whitewashed tomb and empty-throated mockery, and to sell themselves to adultery/whoredom in order to be its inhabitants. It should be noted that that sin is what caused the war.

Please pray for the Church and pray for me.

I’ve known the peril of what we see happening around us. The demons (Antichrist in particular) suggested in more than a few ways that they were looking to groom me to become a model of the Woman of Babylon. The phenomenon is like an antithetical blasphemy of how Mary is the model of the Church and New Eternal Jerusalem (the City of God).

It chills me to the bone to see Bishops and other prelates and Clerics and Laity be led about, and following “the Spirit of Vatican II” (the council which was almost completely hijacked by the enemies of Christ and His Church and the Family of God – and it really was hijacked) to have been led about in the foundation of the official Anti-Church. And it cuts me to the heart to perceive His Holiness ever stumble in this diabolic, Freemasonic darkness, knowing what the Evil one intends for the Pope (does he know? does he care?).

Even if by the grace of God the devils would fail in relation to me, it does not mean they will also fail in relation to all others. The war is raging over each and every individual human soul. And I want to wage this journey’s end to all war as much for the salvation of the souls of those “Modernists” (who are not too far gone from the grace and mercy of God until they are dead) as for ours (the Catholics, most of whom are afflicted with a bronchial bacterial infection in our souls of this synthesis of all heresy). Just because we are not aware of God counting something against us does not mean we stand acquitted either. So anyone will find me hard-pressed to believe that even such Satanists actually know what the natural consequence will be for their cutting themselves off from the Mercy of God; they have never ever experienced such an all-consuming terror at any moment of their life as what will yet befall them at the end of it, regardless of whatever it is that they have suffered in their lives thus far and whatever it was that caused it, if they do not repent of their sins.

What is the Catholic Church, Holy Mother Church, the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church? The Mystical Body and Bride of Christ.

What am I? I am no·thing, nothing at all. And like all of humanity has been from the start, I first was conceived in the Plan of God, His knowing all that would ever transpire through every interconnected family generational line, even before He knit me together in my mother’s womb.

Without Him, we could never so much as exist, and yet because of Him we will forthwith always exist. But yet we still go on offending Him. Even the just man falls 7 times in a day. May we recognize that we all are only misery, may we humble ourselves in this self-knowledge, may we bear true sorrow and contrition for our sins patiently, may we do penance perseveringly, and may God have mercy on us, lead us, and deliver us.

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